Getting my Moto G6 screen to automatically turn on/off with flip cover case


I have just upgraded from a 1st generation Moto G to Moto G6. So far it’s great! I have always used a flip case for the added screen protection, but I notice with my G6, my screen doesn’t automatically turn off and on when I open my flip case like my old phone did. My 1st generation Moto had a Motorola case, but I can’t seem to find any manufactured by them for the Moto g6. I have read online fixes such as I need a case made by Motorola, I need an app (but it drains the battery), I need a magnet on my flip case…Anyone else experiencing this loss and have a suggestion? I never realized how much I loved this feature until I lost it.


My understanding is that the last couple of generations of Moto phones don’t have the needed sensor that they previously used to detect the cover and therefore there really isn’t a way to have the previous experience you had other than a 3rd party app that uses the proximity sensor for this and drains the heck out of the battery.


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