Getting my old number back after activating


I tried to switch carriers, which didn’t work b/c of phone incompatibility, and in re-activating my Republic plan I got a new number. How do I get my old number back?


open a help ticket and see if the number is still available


I did-we’ll see. Panic! It’s my business number, too and have had it for 30 years.


Hi @maryb.v3ieeb

Sorry to hear of this dillema. Would you mind sharing a little more information?, just in general of course.

It would help to know a time frame, and the carrier you were trying transfer (port) your number to.



I think I got it, but thanks!



See you got it so if still waiting for ticket to bring back your number don’t consider panicking yet. Generally numbers can easily be restore by RW Support if within 30 days of cancellation.

Worst case scenario and you ported number, then canceled the service/number with the other carrier, you would need to contact them to see if they can restore the number and then port it back to RW.

There are several help articles available. Can Republic Wireless Restore My Previous Number? – Republic Help


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