Getting new phone - how to transfer all

I am getting a new phone. How to I get everything from the old phone to the new? I will have the same number and plan. Is there some kind of backup all?

for the data transfer please see this tip post

you haven’t said what the old phone was so I the 1st post is the current My Choice phone to a new My choice phone (sent link is for Legacy Phone to a My Choice phone

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I recently set up a new replacement phone for a friend who’s also on RW. As soon as I logged in to his Google account, it asked me if I wanted to copy data from his old phone. I was amazed at how complete the operation was. Nothing was missing. Apparently, even his wi-fi password was copied since he said he was immediately connected when he got home with his new phone.


Thanks, I feel reassured. Hopefully it will be easy.

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