Getting Republic Anywhere to work with multifactor authentication (LINUX)

This is an extension of a conversation that was started in this thread:

Does Linux Anywhere app work with multifactor authentication?

If you have enabled multifactor authentication on your Republic account, the Linux Republic Anywhere app will fail to log in, displaying an “error” message that multifactor authentication is enabled. So how do you get the app to work?

Well, the short answer is: temporarily turn off your multifactor authentication.

The Republic Anywhere app just needs to get logged in once, and after that, it will stay logged in indefinitely. So, to get it logged in that first time, follow these steps:

  1. Disable multifactor authentication by following the instructions in this Republic help article. Keep this page open for step 4!
  2. Launch the Linux Republic Anywhere app.
  3. Log in with your username and password. The app should log in successfully now.
  4. Once the app has successfully logged in, reenable multifactor authentication using the same page where you disabled it in step 1.
  5. Your Linux Republic Anywhere app should work just fine now! You will only need to repeat these steps if you have to reinstall the Republic Anywhere app, e.g. on a fresh Linux installation.

I hope this helps you fellow Linux users!


@jamiesonc I hope you don’t mind Jamie, I moved your post in to the “Tips & Tricks” category. This way it won’t get lost in the shuffle of the posts in the General Topics area and other Linux users will be able to find it more easily. Thanks so much for writing this up!


@louisdi — Absolutely, thanks!

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