Getting started


How do i get started? Order the phone and then load the google play ap?


order your phone How to Use the Online Store

setup and activated your phone when you receive it

Activate My Phone


Hi @debh.oszi1e

In addition to @drm186 's excellent reply, you may find these links helpful…

Community Overview

Getting Help from Republic

(and the often overlooked The Community Village ).

Please feel free to ask any and all questions you may have here in the community. There are many very helpful and knowledgeable customers/members happy to assist.


I cannot activate the text tool for LG nexus. Google voice command works. How do I enter the @ as a voice command?


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Can you activate my two new phones Samsung galaxy 7 - with same number. I tried. on play store I still see checking info and nothing


@josephm.jrggnv You may want to open a new thread to get the attention you are needing.

I’ll try to get you started though. Can you tell us where you bought the phones?

Are you certain you have the correct model? (downloading the Republic app will verify that) You can find that app here:

Where are the SIM cards you are using from?

Last, can you tell us where the phone numbers you are wanting to transfer are right now?


New, I bought from you before Christmas


No. The phones will need to be activated as separate lines and have different numbers.

Please look at how to activate your phone. Activate Your Phone – Republic Help

Please let us know if you are having problems and/or explain what you are wanting to do.



How do you get rid of the overlay that interferes with viewing details, ie:5.5hd, 5000 mAh battery, Fingerprint reader etc.?


What are you referring too?
I have not heard of such an overlay, unless you installed some app that displays system info on the screen.

Can u take a screen shot and post it here.

Unless u didn’t peel off the new packing material cover thing that comes on the phone. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi @erwinp.tmk9fw

Did you by chance enable Developer options?. There is a setting for that. Otherwise, are you really zoomed in or using the “magnification” feature?.


Screen protector some phones ship with? Peel it off if so.