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Hi, I’ve written a blog about Relay. It’s bad form to pop up on a forum where you are a newbie and post links so I’ll leave that to people who want to google my name.

My question is this. Is the Relay 4G and Wi-Fi only or does it do 3G? I get the impression that it’s using VoLTE on LTE Release 13, which is pretty new, but it could be 3G PoC.

Can someone technical explain which it uses? There are implications as to what it can talk to - does the parent need to have a Release 13 or later phone to push-to-talk to a Relay from a non-Relay device? If Grandma has a Jitterbug dumb phone can she talk to the kids on Relay?

How does 4G coverage compare with combined 3G and 4G overage?




You will get better answers to you questions on the relay forums but I will try to answer what I know (I’m sure others will correct me if I’m mistaken

  1. the relay does have WiFi and 4G (I’m not sure about 3G but I think it does)
  2. as the relay is not a phone it technically not using VoLTE it using data to send a short audio file to the other device over data, this is not how a phone works and why it works more like a walkie talkie.
  3. you will need a smartphone [Android or iPhone] to link up to a relay
  4. I believe the default coverage is Republic’s CDMA partner (Sprint) Coverage Check | Republic Wireless | []
    I do believe the goal is to be able to switch Republic’s GSM partner Coverage Check | Republic Wireless []
    For 3G vs 4G it best to zoom in on the carrier maps

Hi @simonrockman,

Thanks for your interest in Relay! Please do repost your questions (the link to your blog would be welcome as well) in our sister Community, the Relay Neighborhood. You may find the answers to your questions are already there.

I’m closing this topic, not because anything is “bad” about it, but just so we don’t end up with duplicate topics in both Communities.

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