Getting the right SIM card. Need help



I purchased a phone earlier in the year and even though I I specifically requested a GSM (not CDMA) phone I was sent a CDMA phone. Those phones do not work at my house. It’s 10 minute drive to even lock in service. After about 5 interactions with RW I finally got someone to send me a new SIM card. The service area map is wrong for us. Now my husband would like a phone like mine but what the heck do I order if the area map is incorrect? Has anyone else had any luck getting the proper phone by using an alternate zip? And if so does anyone know a good GSM zip to use? I don’t have time to deal with the hassle I did before but I would like to get him a phone. Thanks!


Run the coverage check for ZIP 56557 right before you order the phone. That will get you a GSM phone. The selection is based on the last ZIP analyzed.


what phone are you looking to get
have you thought about buying it from a 3rd party (OEM/Best Buy/Amazon) and getting a BYOD SIM (which are always GSM)


Sweet! Thanks for that. Exactly what I needed.


Good idea about ordering elsewhere and buying the sim. I have thought about doing it that way. Maybe it’s a better option to just get what I need.


I ordered my S7 from Samsung. That being said, I’ve seen RW provide outstanding service on phones ordered from them. They provide good service otherwise, but when it comes to replacing a defective phone, sometime even out of warranty, they excel. Recently they sent my granddaughter a like-new Moto X2 free of charge just to troubleshoot a problem they suspected might have been caused by her X1.


Oh that’s good to know. I have a Moto G Play that does the job, mostly. Some issues and my customer service hasn’t been great. But having my phone work via wifi is pretty awesome so I’m wiling to try with a 2nd phone. It’s was just frustrating that they were only willing to go by what the map says, not what my phone says. Going to try and skirt around it this time and save myself the trouble. Glad it’s worked for you!


I understand where you are coming from. If I order a phone using my ZIP I will get Sprint. I’ve had Sprint and T-Mobile is better for me. My granddaughter’s ZIP shows no service at all so I used the ZIP I posted earlier to get her a GSM phone that works just great for her. SIGH.


I like your style! lol! Wish me luck.


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