Getting Viber to Register a Republic Number


Once more, we’re starting to see anecdotal reports of Republic members being unable to use Viber with their phones. In the past, Republic members have had varying degrees of success getting Viber to whitelist their numbers. Some detail and a new potential means of convincing Viber to do so follow.

Due to a recent policy change at Viber, Republic members (and others) are finding it not possible to register or reregister their phone numbers with Viber. The policy change in question is Viber no longer accepts Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) numbers for registration purposes.

Republic numbers are indeed VoIP numbers. Republic’s use of VoIP is part of the nature of its blended WiFi/cell service. According to Viber support, they believe; “VoIP numbers are a significant tool in the hands of spammers”. The reality is some services using VoIP based numbers do, more or less, hand out phone numbers to anyone that asks. As we know, Republic does not do so. Obtaining a Republic number requires acquisition of a compatible phone and activating that phone on Republic’s network. Sadly, Viber is not yet making this distinction.

Here’s the new workaround that allowed me to convince Viber to register my Republic number. To start, after installing Viber’s app on my Republic phone, I attempted to register my Republic number. I received the following error (you’ll want to grab a screenshot of this screen on your phone):

Next, I installed WhatsInSIM (a/k/a Sim Card Details) on my phone. Once installed, I opened WhatsInSIM and captured a screenshot of those details.

In order to make this work, it is necessary to raise a ticket with Viber support here: After completing Viber’s requested information (for the required Viber phone number use the Republic number you wish to register), I uploaded screenshots of both the VoIP error and the information from WhatsInSIM. When communicating with Viber support, I suggest not mentioning VoIP outside of the Viber error message. In other words, do not acknowledge your Republic number is VoIP (even though it is Viber need not know that). In fact, I didn’t even mention Republic. For the carrier information requested on Viber’s support ticket creation page, I used the “OperatorName” as shown in WhatsInSIM.

Viber support, replied asking me to try again and my Republic number successfully registered.

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I’ve been using viber for 2-3 years on my phone. I uninstalled it a while ago because I wouldn’t need it for a few months and I had too many apps on my phone at the time. Now I try to install it again on the same phone and it doesn’t work.

I’ll just find another app rather than jump through a bunch of hoops for no reason. I don’t remember ever getting spammed on viber, I’d say they overreacted so now I’ll overreact too and leave them a bad review on the playstore. Maybe if everyone does this they will get their act together.


Hi @waynej,

Candidly, I’m inclined to agree with you. The process I came up with does indeed require jumping through enough hoops, I might look elsewhere. For some, however, those they communicate with prefer Viber or, perhaps, they have other reasons for wanting to stick with Viber. I saw enough requests that folks be able to use their Republic numbers to register with Viber that I took a shot at something I thought might work and documented the process in case it helped someone else.

For international calling (messaging is another issue), I prefer the lesser known services documented here: Adding International Calling to a Republic Phone. Generally, I find them to be less expensive and there’s no requirement for the other end of the conversation to be using the same app or a smartphone at all.


Thank you, rolandh!
Your post was very useful and would have been my next step after writing to Viber directly about my issue. Through your post I resolved to contact Viber directly and plead my case while asserting my number on my Republic Wireless phone was recognized as a wireless number.
I had the same issue with Viber no longer working – on my new Republic Wireless MotoX4 and no longer recognizing my phone number as a cell number though Viber had been working for years on my Republic Wireless MotoX.
To my surprise, the Viber Team responded in less than an hour and informed me they whitelisted my number. Voila - issue resolved and I am back in Viber. This was set to have become a big issue for my family as we are heavy Viber users.
Hope this is helpful to our Community!
Thank you again!


I have just done that. Give a bad review to Viber.


I had to factory reset my device and after a gap of about 1 week I downloaded Viber fresh and then registered with my RW number and activation completed with no need to contact Viber support. It looks like they may have adjusted their activation process to improve this previous issue.


Was your Republic number previously registered with Viber?


Yes I was previously registered with Viber


Then, I’m afraid this is not necessarily a matter of Viber having changed its policy. One would need to successfully register a Republic number not previously registered with Viber to determine that.