Getting “Voice calls only” and using huge, unintended amounts of Cell Data

Getting “Voice calls only, something may be blocking access to the Republic Wireless Network.” and using huge and unintended amounts of Cell Data. I am using a recently obtained, refurbished Moto X Pure.

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Hi @jamese.wisbh7,

Where are you typically when this happens? (Not an address, but home, work. everywhere?)

The notification means exactly what it says, it’s an alert to let you know that something is preventing the phone from connecting to our servers. If it’s happening on one specific Wi-Fi network, you’ll want to troubleshoot that network.
If it’s happening everywhere, you’ll want to think about what’s new or different lately on your phone.

Can you tell us what version of the Republic app is on your phone?

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Hello! And, thanks for your reply.

I experience this at home. I do not remember seeing this message when I am away from the house.

I believe I am on the Republic 3.0 app since I just received my Moto X Pure (reconditioned) phone. I have installed all of the updates that have come through.

Again, thanks for your reply. I look forward to any additional assistance!


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Hi, I have that issue sometimes at a place where I’m connected to their Wifi, which is why it’s so odd. It will tell me that “Voice calls Only” and that I’m on the cellular network, but if I go into the Wifi window, it shows I’m in facft connected, with a “strong signal strength” and high link speed. So why the two conflicting notification? If I’m connected, I’m connected, no?

I have Republic software installed.


Connected to a WiFi network and connected to Republic’s servers are two different things. The Republic app notification indicates the latter not the former.

If the experience is limited to a specific WiFi network, then logic suggests one look at that network. If the experience is on multiple WiFi networks, then logic suggests the issue might be with the phone.


Hi @jamese.wisbh7,

You may want to take a look at @jben’s Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide guide and make sure your home network is set up for success.

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Thanks! I will look this over.

It is important to note what follows the ‘Voice calls only’ Notification you are seeing

  1. Something may be blocking … a require port is being blocked on the WiFi side
  2. Limited cell coverage … there is no IP connection

As you look at the reference provided by @southpaw if you have questions be sure to ask them here there are many users who try to understand the network side of things.

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I’m not sure if it’s limited to just the one WiFi network, as I haven’t used the phone in too many other places with WiFi. At home it works fine, so if it is a particular network, how exactly would one “troubleshoot” the network?

And what would I look for "following the “Voice calls only” notification? Will it say something more, or?

The two Notications being discussed are (avail by a 1 finger swipe down from the top will be)
Voice calls only: Something may be blocking access to the Republic Wireless network. Calls over cell only. No access to cell data, messages, or voicemail

  • This means a required port is being blocked in the network, usually router/AP WiFi

Voice calls only: Limited cell coverage and no WiFi connection. Calls over cell only. No access to data, messages, or voicemails

  • This means there is no IP connection, Cellular only

If it is not your Home Network, then perhaps it is you work, then you would work with your IT folks, else there isn’t much you can do

Thank you, jben. You have correctly anticipated what I am seeing.

  1. I am getting the following:

Voice calls only: Something may be blocking access to the Republic Wireless network. Calls over cell only. No access to cell data, messages, or voicemail

  1. This started after I activated a Moto X (Pure Edition) refurbished phone. I have worked through each of the updates that have come through upon activation. My other phone was an earlier version of the Moto X – no problem with it.

Thanks for any additional help!


Take a look at the entry above where I responded to @jamese.wisbh7 this problem can be caused by the local router or network, but very often is the result of Android code going into Doze mode and sutting off your WiFi connection.

Ok, this is pretty confusing. so unless I have access to WiFi AND Republic’s servers, I get no voicemails, no data, nothing but calls? And so if I’m using a program that relies on GPS, as I’m driving, does that mean none of them will work, as well? And if the WiFi network I’m on is not mine to control, thus cannot troubleshoot, I’m just out of luck?
The other night I was at the top of the Hilton, and of all the people I asked, no one had any trouble getting on the internet but me. That’s not good, and it means nothing is wrong with their WifI, right?

You do need a data connection but it doesn’t have to be WiFi. Do you know if your plan includes cellular data?

For this, one cannot rely on WiFi and one does need a plan that provides cellular data.

If the issue is with a particular network and the owner of the network will not cooperate, then yes. Determining if the issue is with one’s phone or the network one’s phone is attached to determines what one troubleshoots.

Maybe, maybe not. Some (probably not all) may have been using a cell data connection for Internet access.

Part of the challenge here is you jumped into an existing thread. I understand that’s because you see a notification on your phone similar to the one referenced in the thread title. The notification, however, is a symptom. Similar symptoms do not necessarily mean the same cause. Attempting to cure the symptoms without identifying the underlying cause is largely an effort in futility. My suggestion is that you create a new thread and provide as much detail as possible. I appreciate I’m essentially asking you to start over and I apologize for that. Doing so, however, would help us attempt to better help you.

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