Ghost Touch & Inoperative Power Button

Hi Everyone. I’m getting nothing useful from the help tickets I’ve opened on this issue, so thought I’d try here.

For the last few days my Moto G4 has been experiencing spasms of activity apparently known as “ghost touch” or “ghost typing”. This opens and closes apps, makes phone calls, types all kinds of nonsense, and changes settings on its own, rendering the phone useless for sometimes hours at a time. It happens whether it’s being charged or not.

To add to the problem, a couple days before it started happening, the power button got stuck (depressed) and is also unresponsive–meaning the conventional solution, which is to restart it, is unavailable.

I’m traveling all over the country for a while and really need to get this fixed. Thanks for taking a look.

First of all don’t open multiple tickets for the same issue. Republic has stated doing so slows down the response time. So use the the original ticket or open a chat session if you wish. Make sure the chat representative knows of your open ticket.

Secondly, the screen issue seems to be one of common issues with this phone. Have you contacted Motorola for a warranty replacement? Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.

Thirdly, if you live and die by your phone then you should either have a used backup phone, move your phone number to Google Voice so you can forward your calls to a burner phone if necessary, or get your phone service from a provider that has local stores.

What @marshallh said!

Also it sounds like you may have two warrant-able faults. Besides the G.T. issue your power button is stuck in the down position and your phone isn’t rebooting constantly like it “should” be. The fact that you can’t do a forced reboot is not as bad as if the power button was constantly rebooting your phone but it is an essential function of a sealed phone.

In the mean time if you have access to a computer that you can install stuff on there is a 15 second ADB installer you could use to do things like a plain reboot, reboot to the bootloader for access to recovery where you could clear the cache (prob’ly not a real fix for this, just mentioning it) or do a Factory Data Reset which Moto will ask you to do before they offer warranty service on the G.T. problem. The stuck power button is a freestanding defect in build or materials so mention that first if you want to contact them. They will ask you if you dropped it for sure so if that’s the case then your other issues become primary.

Scroll down the page or F3 search for it to find the discussion and link.

I’ve been dealing lately with the ghost touch issue on my G4. I found on Motorolas site that they recommend doing a factory reset and then slowly adding back in the apps to see if it was caused by a particular app. I followed their procedure and it resolved my issue. It appears the offending app was either Crab Wars or 8 Ball Pool. When I reinstalled all the other apps the phone worked as normal.

You may want to give this a try before going down the warranty route.

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