Gifting a phone/plan

I am buying a phone for someone who does not have Republic yet. I would like to wait to be billed for the first month for about a month, until her birthday. Is there a way to make this happen?

Thank you!

You will be billed for the phone and shipping charge when the phone is shipped. The plan will be billed when the phone is activated. She can activate the phone in her own account and will be billed for the plan then. If you want to pay for the plan you can put your credit card in her account and it will be charged. Once that charge has gone through you can swap her credit card for yours. You can also do this on the QT by creating the account under her name but with your email address and shipping address. Later, when you give her the phone, the email address, password and shipping address can be changed to hers.

Edit: Be sure to use her zip code when you run the coverage check before you order her phone. The results of the coverage check will determine which carrier the phone is configured to use.

I see, so even though I am picking a plan now, I won’t be charged until she activates it. (I checked the zip code - thanks for the reminder :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the quick and helpful response!

There are several ways to do this. I gifted phones to my grandchildren. I had their email addresses and passwords which made it easy to set up accounts for them that had my shipping address and credit card information. When the phones arrived I activated them, configured them with screen locks, location services, etc. They opened fully charged phones that worked perfectly out of the box.

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