Giving my cell phone to my son


I have a Republic Nexus 5x that I want to give to my son, who currently has a 1st gen MotoX w/ Republic. I would be transferring my Nexus 5x number to a different phone and I understand I have to wait until the transfer is complete. Once that is done however, can he just switch sims? He will want to keep his current Republic phone number. Is there some link to describe how to do what I want to do? Thanks!


You will NOT be moving the SIM from his X1. That SIM is tied to that phone and will only work in that phone.

Can you give us a little more info on the transferring of your number? To another carrier? To another phone purchased from Republic? To another phone being used with Republic but purchased elsewhere?


After you move your current # to new phone, the 5X will be deactivated. He can move his X1 number by reactivating the 5X as a replacement for the X1’s # as long as it’s done within 20 days and your current 5X SIM remains in the phone.

The SIM from Moto X1 Legacy phone is not compatible with the 3.0 phones and should stay in X1 so it may reactivated in the future or sold.


Got it. Thanks so much for the detailed response.


Thanks. All this transferring & sim stuff can be a bit confusing.


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