Giving my Daughter my moto g 6 play phone she has republic acct. and number


My daughters moto g 2nd gen phone broke, she is a republic customer and has her own number and I want to send her my moto g 6 play phone. Will she need to get a sim card or can she just place sim from the moto g 2nd gen into the moto g6 play?
Thanks for your time and any info that can help


The Moto G 2nd Gen doesn’t work with Republic so I’m going to make the assumption she either has the Moto G1 or G3. In that case, she’ll need a SIM card. Is your G6 Play currently active with Republic?


Yes it is … it was a moto g 1st gen that broke . Mine moto g 6play is active right now with republic … I know that i need to deactivate it and send to her so she can sign in with her account and it should work just fine… But since i won’t need the remaining time , can i transfer it to her?


I am giving my daughter my moto g 6 play. She has a republic account and her moto g broke. My son bought me a year of At&t and gave me an iphone 7. Since my daughter needs a phone , I will deactivate my phone and pass it to her . My monthly bill just renewed , and I was wondering if I can give her the remaining balance. She will be activating the phone with her own account to keep her number .
I need to deactivate this phone when I give it to her. Do they give you the balance of what you don’t use or can I transfer it to her ? Hope this makes sense
Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.


There is no way to transfer balance…however you should get a pro-rated refund of your unused monthly charges.

If you plan to keep your number, then you will need to submit a number transfer request with AT&T…see here for additional details

At the end of your number transfer your account will be automatically canceled. Once the phone is deactivated you can give it to your daughter to start a new line of service. Does she have service currently with RW or another provider? If it’s another provider then she will have to activate the phone with a generic phone number and then submit a number transfer request
as outlined here


My daughter has a republic account already. I’m sorry to leave republic service was excellent. If I have any issues with at&t I will be back , My son is providing a year of free service with this phone from at and t … So to wrap up my daughter should be able to sign in with her account with the phone I’m sending her , it will be wiped clean. She just needs to sign in with the republic app and it should be good to go … Correct?
By the way I also want to add that even though AT&T has a number you can call to get help , you end up waiting for 10 minutes and your lucky if the matter you call about gets resolved.
Republic may not have a number and only a forum for help , but answers to questions are lightening quick and better response than other carriers that I’ve has
REPUBLIC WIRELESS ROCKS!!! I have a feeling I’ll be back …
Great job and the best phone service I’ve had and this says volumes since I’m 54 … and have had service from all types of phone providers… :smile:


Hi @laurab.yspgid, This is correct, as long as you:

  1. cancelled your line
  2. left your SIM card in the phone

I’m very glad you’ve found the Community to be helpful, but I do want to point out that we do have a help center staffed with fully-trained technicians, in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

When you come back, be sure to visit our Member Community and let us know you’re back… I’ll make it worth your while. :wink:

Thanks @laurab.yspgid, we truly hate to see people leave, but we do appreciate when such kind words are left behind.


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