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I’m getting a new phone. How do I give my Old Republic Wireless phone to my brother who is also a Republic Wireless customer?


Hi @johnf.0kfwn5

It is always helpful to know which phones are involved in order to provide accurate information.

But basically, it’s a pretty simple process. After your new device is up and running with all the data you want to save is transferred, FDR or factory reset the old device, so your brother starts fresh. Then, simply have your brother activate the old (new to him) device as a replacement for his current line of service. His number will move to that phone along with his plan…(depending on which devices are in question).

Here are some official documents that provide step-by-step instructions.

Activate Your Phone – Republic Help
(Reactivating My Republic Phone – Republic Help)

If you could give us the phone models it would help the community answer in greater detail.

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