Giving son my MotoG (1) when I upgrade to new phone


I currently have a 1st Gen MotoG with the $10 plan. I want to give the phone and plan to my son with a brand new phone number. At the same time, I want to port my existing number to a new RW phone and plan. I am concerned I will do things in the wrong order and lose the $10 plan or my existing phone number. What is the proper way to do it?

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When you buy the new phone, it will only be eligible for the new My Choice plans. The first gen Moto G will still be eligible for the plan it’s on now. When you activate the new phone, you will activate as an upgrade and your number on the Moto G will transfer to the new phone very quickly. When the Moto G is activate as a new line, it will be assigned a new number.

See Change Phones and Keep Your Number


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Just to reassure you and along with @beachb’s excellent advice, your legacy G1 will activate on the base plan (1.0/2.0), it is ‘grandfathered’, and can be activated with a new number.


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