Gizmo/TickTalk Watch


Does Republic have any plans to offer a kids’ watch like the Gizmo or TickTalk?


I haven’t heard anything on RW offering adult or children’s watches. If you buy them elsewhere and they may possibly bluetooth to a RW phone you would be in business but this is speculation. I have no proof they will work with the RW phones but it is possible. Go to a Best Buy & see if it will work with your phone.


Generally, smartwatches that connect via Bluetooth (particularly Android Wear watches) will work with Republic phones as they would any other Android phones. There’s nothing special about Republic phones in this regard.

The above said, as I understand it watches like the Gizmo/TickTalk require their own standalone cell data plan. Currently, Republic offers no standalone cell data plans for devices other than supported Android phones. If there are plans to change that, it’s unlikely they’ll tell us here until ready to make a public announcement.


Now, these aren’t smartwatches; these are watches designed specifically for


I do no believe Republic will ever offer these [or any thing but a phone] the demand is just not there,
Kids are just not the market Republic is aiming for.


Watches apparently are not than dumb either. Those should work with RW phones.


Indeed the apps should work well enough with Republic phones. The watches, however, require their own cellular data plan in order to communicate with the apps on someone else’s phone. Republic cannot supply the cellular data connection for the watch.

As far as I know Gizmo uses Verizon. TickTalk uses TMO.


Generally, when a device runs apps, it it considered to be “smart”. There are minimal apps on the watches, no?
In any event, smart or not, Republic doesn’t currently offer standalone cell data plans for wearables or any other devices besides supported phones.

Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service is dependent on an app. That app currently runs only on supported Android phones. I don’t believe there are plans to shoehorn the app into devices such as these, useful as they are for their intended audience.


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