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Is there an app to categorize one of two groups into a single ring tone? (Either all my listed contacts or all other #s w/no listed contact.) This would allow instant recognition of known callers in order to better ignore unknowns/telemarketers/robocalls.

Any other suggestions for being less bothered by junk calls appreciated as well.



You can assign each contact a particular ringtone and assign the default ringtone with a different sound.

Depending on your phone and OS:

Sound or Sound and Notifications
Ringtone or Default Ringtone - choose a ringtone. This is the ringtone for all calls other than your contacts.

Next leave Settings and go to Contacts
Changing ringtone can be one of two places

  1. Tap on 3 dots in upper right corner
    Set Ringtone - Choose a different ringtone from default
  2. Tap on Edit pencil icon
    Then tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
    Set Ringtone - Choose a different ringtone from default

If you have a lot of contacts this could be lot to do, but it will achieve your goal!


Thanks, LT. But “a lot of contacts” is an understatement. I have over 1000. That’s why i’m looking for a more global solution.


This would have worked if the default ringtone assigned when my contacts transferred from my last phone wasn’t automatically the same ringtone as for the incoming calls. I was hoping to find an app which could globally change one category or the other. I guess there may not be such an app. Please let me know if you have any additional info,



The best way to handle this is to do the change manually. If
there was such an app I would not recommend using it, too many
unscrupulous app makers out there.


Ahh. Good advice. Guess i’ll live with the one ring for now. Not a big deal.



Take your time and do a batch a day.

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