GM Vehicle with built in unlimited 4G LTE WIFI data

I find that if my phone detects the in vehicle WIFI it will try to use that first. However, phone conversations are very garbled and calls are frequently dropped. I have to manually disable WIFI on the phone in order to force it to use cell towers for calls while driving. If I am using GPS for maps, I have to make sure to download the maps for where I will be driving ahead of time so I don’t use my cell data for GPS. Anyone else have 4g LTE WIFI in their car and found a way around this issue?

I believe that AT&T, who is the carrier for the 4G LTE in the car, may be blocking WIFI calling. Whenever I get in the car to go someplace the first thing my phone does is connect to the WIFI like it is supposed to but that hinders calls. So now I turn off WIFI on the phone and let it use cell towers for calls and my calls are fine.

The data plan was too good to pass up for when we’re driving places. My wife does searches for restaurants or other places of interest while I am driving so we don’t use our RW Data plan. I have also been able to access WIFI in the car on my laptop when parked someplace remote and been able to check or send email. I can also pull photos off my camera and email them out if necessary.



Check your paperwork on maybe tweaking the wifi router signal or check with Att or the car dealer. most i have seen and heard as smooth as a babys bottom.

I have AT&T Wi-Fi in my car but I don’t try to use Republic Wireless with it. I can certainly imagine it could be a problem in low bandwidth or high latency situations. I can’t think of anything that would mitigate the problem. I would hope the phone would switch over to cellular voice when Wi-Fi quality deteriorated, but your experience indicates that this is not the case. I don’t have the ability in my car (2015 Chevy) to enable port blocking, but that would be ideal. If you could block UDP port 5090 in the car, all your calls would be conducted over the cellular voice channel.


My calls are always garbled when I forget to turn off WIFI. I will have to check with the dealer to see if there is anything that can be done to the onboard router.

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The WIFI never really deteriorates, but I would imagine the 4G LTE could fluctuate. I was just checking to see if anyone else experienced anything similar.

I don’t have that new of a car sorry not to mention it’s ford and I am a CHEVY or GMC man!

We have the unlimited AT&T plan for our 2018 GMC Sierra Truck, and it seems to work OK with our new phones from RW. I did not test it with our older X1/X2 phones. We have an X4 and a Z3 Play now.
AT&T gets signals where we cannot get anything on Sprint or T-Mobile.
Just curious, did you manage to get it for less than $25/month? If so, how do you pre-pay to get the discounted rate, or must you be an AT&T customer on your phone too?

I have been driving Chevy’s and Pontiac’s since my 1978 Malibu Classic. Most recently my wife had a floral business and had to close it down as business had really declined over the previous 7 years since she first bought it. She had a 2008 Chevy Express delivery van, that was in my name. Since I was responsible for the note and she from time to time could not afford the lease payment, when the business closed I traded that in on the 2016 Equinox along with my '03 Pontiac Vibe. Got a great deal on a new car loan from a local credit union of under 2%. With all that I have very low payments on the 2016. Otherwise I couldn’t be driving it…

I am not an AT&T customer, except for the 4G LTE in the Chevy. I’ve been paying $20/month since the offer came out in June or July of 2017. I don’t know that I am doing anything special for that rate, it’s what it was when I opted in for the 4G LTE in the Chevy in 2017. Prior to that it was super expensive so I jumped on it when the unlimited $20/month was offered. I am surprised at how much use we get out of it.

Early on we each had Moto G4+ phones and if we left wifi on all calls were totally garbled and usually dropped after a few moments. Back then we were on the RW GSM network and had horrible service in spite of the coverage map showing we were blanketed with GSM coverage. With wifi turned off on the phones our GSM calls outside of wifi coverage was hit or miss but was not garbled when it worked (very rare) and typically we could frequently not complete a call. That’s why I blamed it on the 4G LTE in the car. The only time we had good service was when we were on wifi.

Now our battery life on the G4+ phones is slowly deteriorating and I tried to replace the battery in my phone and stripped the heads off of three of the 19 torx screws effectively destroying any chance of replacing the battery. I am now back on my Moto G 1st gen waiting for the G7 to have CDMA approval for use on RW. I will not go back on the GSM network. If I have to spring for a Samsung phone so be it, but I liked my Moto G/4+ and hopefully the G7. I’ve had Motorola phones since my V120, V60 E810, but on Sprint I had the Sanyo Katana which was one of my best phones ever.

I am rambling, sorry.

I have a 2010 Equinox because my wife crashes cars. It’s either a 2010 or $5000 in bubble wrap around the car. It makes the doors opening and closing near impossible.

I understand. But nevertheless the concept is pretty funny! Thanks for sharing!

I called today about getting the $20/month unlimited, but they said I had to be an AT&T customer.
I guess your contract is grandfathered in, which is a GREAT deal!
The only deal they could offer me was a $250/year prepaid, so I took it. This gives me unlimited for $20.83/month which is a decent deal since the coverage around here on AT&T is excellent!
Thanks Grench for the tip!

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Glad it worked out for you, but I’ve never been an AT&T customer. We were a Bellsouth business customer when my wife owned her shop, but we couldn’t get out of that deal fast enough. I believe that AT&T may have bought Bellsouth while we were customers, but we were long gone from AT&T when I bought the 2016 Chevy. Besides I signed up through OnStar. Interesting. You got a similar deal, but you have to prepay where mine is month to month. Happy I got you to save the bucks with them. It is real nice bringing your own WIFI wherever you go!

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Hi @grench,

To get back to your original question…

Have you ever run a speedtest when the phone is connected to the car’s Wi-Fi?

No I haven’t. I’ll have to try that and let you know. When using my laptop in the car it’s hard to tell the difference between 4G LTE and WIFI at home. Basically not painful at all to use on the road.

I did try placing a call yesterday over WIFI and it was actually pretty clear.

I will check and report back.

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Ran the speedtest this evening while driving between Cartersville and Rome, Ga. 10.5 mb download, 2.7mb upload.

Those numbers should be ok for voice calling but another question what was/is the ping or delay [with hi ping the voice may be choppy] another factor is lost packets]
One can have good speeds and still poor internet connection

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Using a Republic phone on WiFi supplied by a cellular hotspot is the same as using any over the top (OTT) Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app over cellular data. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. The WiFi supplied by your vehicle’s hotspot is in turn supplied by cellular data.

In my experience, using OTT VoIP apps over a hotspot connection in a moving vehicle is problematical. Though the data connection may be both sufficiently fast and sufficiently stable when stationary when moving one is switching from cell tower to cell tower as one does so. Even momentary blips in the underlying cell data connection might cause the experience you report.

I am curious as to why Republic’s app doesn’t detect the degrading connection and switch the call to cell automatically rather than you needing to manually disable WiFi. If your vehicle’s hotspot interface allows for blocking UDP port 5090 as suggested by @cbwahlstrom that’s probably the ideal solution here. Doing so would force calls to cellular while still leaving data available for apps requiring Internet access.


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