Going backwards to Moto E phone from G6

Sadly, my new MotoG6 phone won’t charge- it’s completely died. untill I can resolve the G6 issue, I want to reactivate my old Moto E phone (which I used for years on Republic Wireless). I thought activation would be simple but clearly, I am doing something wrong. I click on the republic wireless app, activate now, start activation, then I get stuck. The message is :add a line or replace an existing line of service on your account? (919) xxx-19xx
message- Please note that the republic Supported Phone this telephone number is currently assigned to will be deactived when you complete your order.
(what does this mean? that I will loose my existing number??? At this point I do not care, I need a phone! (But I really want my phone number I have had since becoming a Beta member here)
I hit replace (919) xxx-19xx then upgrade line
now it’s asking me for a plan. I already have a plan! I am signed in. What am I doing wrong?

You are moving back to a Republic Refund 2.0 Plan phone…and therefore you need to pick a new plan that’s compatible with that phone.


ahhh… thank you,
will I loose my phone number too? Or did I completely misunderstand that part?

No, you won’t lose your number…sorry the language is a bit confusing…but you are moving that number back to the Moto E…and therefore the new SIM card in your G6 is being deactivated.


thank you. I thought that might be the case but I wasn’t sure.

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You’re welcome…just for future reference…please note that once the G6 SIM card is deactivated…you have 20 day window to reactivate it…after that you will need to get a new SIM card for your G6.

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thanks- I hope to have the other phone issue fixed within 20 days. I appreciate your help.


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