Going from Moto E to Moto X


We have 2 Moto-E phones. I am replacing one with a used Moto-X pure edition.

  1. Do I need to let Republic know that I am changing one of the phones?
  2. I ordered a Sim card from Republic - if needed, but is there any advantage to using the Moto E Sim card in the Moto X ?
  3. What do I need to do to begin using the Moto X?


Hi @jackh.uh826y

  1. Yes, you will have to begin the Activation Process on the MXP-(Moto X Pure). Activate Your Phone – Republic Help

  2. On legacy phones the sim card has to stay with the phone. CDMA thing. Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help

  3. Get a RW 3.0 SIM card, sign into the device with your credentials, and follow the prompts. If you have an issue, just ask here.

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You don’t need to contact RW about the change. As long as you activate your new phone as a replacement for a Moto E, the number will be switched to the new phone and the E will be automatically deactivated.


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