Going from Moto X first gen. to Pixel2


Hi I have two questions

  1. My zip is 50131 and RW says BYOP not available. I use Moto X first gen. on RW without any problems. Does it mean I can still get the Pixel2 ported to RW?
  2. Should I order a SIM or can I use the sim from Moto if 1) is true



Republic works with two carrier partners. Your Moto X1 is on Sprint. All BYOP phones are on the other partner. The message means that your area does not have good coverage with the other carrier. In the short-term your Pixel 2 can ONLY be used with the other carrier partner. We’re expecting that by the end of the year, or thereabouts, Sprint will become an option for phones like the Pixel 2.

In neither case can you use the SIM from the X1. You’ll need a BYOP SIM.


Thanks. Does it mean that my Pixel2 will be useless? Who is the other partner? And what is the probability that Sprint will come to RW on Pixel2 as you mention?


T-Mobile/GSM is the other partner. There’s a good chance Sprint/CDMA will be available soon but there is no guarantee.


Useless, No. Sub-optimal coverage, perhaps.

Very high, although timing is sketchy. They’re currently saying end of the year, which is coming up fast.


Instead of it being useless, you might want to consider switching to Project Fi…


First, the phone is far from useless with Republic. It can currently be activated on the GSM partner and soon will be able to be activated on Sprint as well.

Second, Fi may be a fine choice if one needs the things Fi offers (international roaming, the perhaps enhanced coverage of multiple networks, etc). If not, in almost all scenarios, Fi is more expensive than Republic. In addition, if one relies on wifi for coverage in any meaningful way, the “wifi last” configuration of Fi doesn’t work so well as it will stubbornly prefer even the weakest of cell signals in making a call.


I’ll let him speak for himself, but it seemed like what he needed was Pixel2 coverage on the Sprint network.

Fi gives him that, today, with a plan/model that is largely similar to Republic.


The problem with Project Fi would be that Fi will tell him they don’t offer service in 50131 and are unable to port a local number. Fi uses T-Mobile for their numbers, and his zip code is covered by iWireless, which still has a no-compete clause with T-Mobile MVNO’s. This will likely change in the near future, but until it does, Project Fi is not a great option for the OP (and when this does change, Republic Wireless will again be a good option for GSM coverage).


I don’t live there, so I don’t know. This is what the fi website shows:

It is something he could investigate. If desired, he could switch back to Republic. In the interim, he’d be able to use his Pixel.


I have one more question, is the model G-2PW2200 compatible with RW?


No the G-PW2200 is the International model (Europe, South American, Asian) version of the Pixel XL Republic uses the North American Version (G-2PW2100)


Ok, does this phone from ebay satisfy the requirements?

Note that is says clearly that Sprint wont work. So when Sprint is active, will my phone still work on Sprint?


as the G-2PW2100 it is the approved model for Google Pixel XL


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