Going overseas soon ..... Need help


Have a Moto G4, going overseas for a couple of months, so need local service there. The last time I did this, the Singtel rep put in a new SIM card, brought up their service, and I could not call anyone. Spent 3 weeks using coffee shops and hotel internet to call anyone using Skype, and nobody could call me. Is there any help?



The last time I was overseas, I was near WiFi all the time. The connectivity was great with the regular RW plan (in fact, I was the only one in the conference getting phone calls. Everyone else was complaining about how none of their phones worked there).

So if you’re near WiFi, then I think you’ll be alright.

I can’t really speak to switching out sim cards.

Hope that helps-

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Thanks for the observation. That is what I did the last time I was there, but my wife couldn’t call me when she lost sight of me in some mall :blush:



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I’ve had no problem making and receiving calls when I have been overseas. I’ve always used the hotel’s wifi and had no problem.


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