Good Evening All, Just Wondering About Republic Anywhere

What is the General conscientious on Anywhere?.

Pro’s and Con’s…(works fine for 'me). Just wondering.

I don’t believe in complicating this one. Republic is no longer actively developing Anywhere meaning one should expect no new features. Republic has squashed some bugs since active development ceased. Whether still existing bugs get squashed seems less likely but remains to be seen.

Eventually, as operating systems advance and presuming no change of heart on Republic’s part regarding active development, one day Anywhere may cease to be viable. In my opinion, today is not that day. Anywhere does what I need it to do on both Android 11 (Google’s latest and greatest) and Apple’s latest and greatest macOS Big Sur (currently in public beta). The iOS client, frankly, never should have left beta before active development ceased. I don’t actively use the Windows or Linux clients, so will leave opining on those to others.

Bottom line; so long as Anywhere meets my wants and needs, I’ll continue to use it. Should that change, I’ll seek an alternative.

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I love having it on my tablet. I like the fact that my phone doesn’t have to be on. I will continue to use it until it no longer works. I have no problems with it.

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I love Anywhere despite its flaws. I suppose the person who wrote it is no longer with RW. That’s the only reason I can come up with for their no longer supporting it. Anywhere works when the phone doesn’t and that is a LOT better than Google’s messaging.


And the word according to Is Republic Anywhere Still Supported? – Republic Help

“we will not be troubleshooting bugs or adding new features”

I’m still using Anywhere on my Windows PC with no problems, but Google Messages seems to work better on my Pixel 3a.

Been the ofrficial word for a while, but since that was the official word they have squashed some bugs.


Works OK for me on PC for single RW line with use alternate of text app on associated RW phone/line. Glad it’s still available for our use.

When announced and became available it was supposed to be an easy to use value added perk for RW members. Why did RW become disinterested and quit investing in this tool for “breaking the boundaries of communication yet again!” ?


Hi everyone.
I have had a couple people ask me about Anywhere…(the last thread auto-closed).
I have experienced some anomalies, but still works for me.

Thoughts/Observations?. :smiley:

Not actively supported. Offered “as is.” YMMV.

Google Messages and “Messages for Web" would be an alternative.

I loved Google Hangouts. It was an app that did everything I wanted it to do. Google made a business decision, and I’ve had to move away from Google Hangouts.

I think Republic Anywhere is a similar story.

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Hi @c1tobor,

I’ve re-opened your older topic and merged the new one into it.

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