Good News - SIM Card Shipping Should Be Faster Now By Using USPS 1st Class



Pleasant surprise today. I ordered a SIM card today and noticed a change to the low cost shipping option carrier.

Delivery Options

Most business-day orders placed before 5PM ET ship same day (holidays and weekends excluded).

USPS First Class

$0.00 + tax

Domestic delivery in 2-5 days (excluding Sunday) within the contiguous US

UPS Residential Ground

$13.22 + tax

UPS 3 Day Select Shipping

$14.89 + tax

UPS 2nd Day Air Shipping

$15.83 + tax

UPS Next Day Air Saver Shipping

$19.75 + tax

UPS Next Day Air Shipping

$23.35 + tax

Price before free shipping credit.
USPS First Class



R.W SIM Kit on Amazon?

Yep. This was added a while back. I’m with you-I was happy to see it! I love first class mail! It’s cheap and fast. I use it a lot when selling small items online. I love it!


Hooray for USPS. It’s about time. What took so long? How did you get around the various reasons you “couldn’t” use it before?

USPS is the only carrier I get consistently reliable and timely service from. I cant say I’ve never had a problem with a usps shipment, but its extremely rare. With UPS and Fedex, there is about a 30% chance there will be some issue that prevents the shipment from arriving on the due date, and a 10-20% chance it requires additional intervention on my part to receive the shipment.

Kudus to Republic for finally offering the option of the least expensive and most reliable carrier. Such a shame it took them so many years to finally do so, tho.


The few things, phone, and sims, I have ordered from R.W site…always been USPS, comes right to my mail box. But looking back at the order page, says UPS Mail Innovations (which uses USPS to deliver) .


In my experience, UPS Mail Innovations is just bad. Just last week it took 8 days for a small package (wireless mouse) to get from Kentucky to Missouri…via Ohio.


Well yes…it would be. Cause it takes a few days for UPS to hand it over to USPS. Then USPS has to process it and then route it to be delivered. Never understood this idea. And all major shipping carriers have something like this. Just seems like 2x the work to me. But by some crazy logic, it is apparently cheaper to do.


I hate that method too. When I look up the tracking and see that it’s one of those services, part of me dies. There goes one day right there.


I actually prefer it. My mail carrier is the same guy (Dale) for the last 25yrs.

He calls me from the lobby phone of my apartment complex if a package wont fit in mail box.

UPS/FedEx, just dump packages into the rental office, which is always closed when I am available to get a package and not open on weekends. Its very aggravating, rental office staff always leaves early Fridays, just as soon as delivery come, they close up shop for the weekend.


Mmmm… Definitely understandable!


Fair is fair. Sometimes NASA shoots things in an odd direction for efficiency. (:stuck_out_tongue:)


It may not actually be cheaper. UPS offers the service as a lower priced option for shippers (fulfillment centers) who only want to deal with one carrier.



I hope they don’t completely move to USPS. At least where I live, USPS delivery is definitely the most problematic (one regularly sees mailboxes left open, and sometimes we have packages left under the bushes next to our mailbox).


It’s cheap because it’s subsidized by taxpayers so you are still paying for it unless you don’t pay taxes. Kind of like the breakage model except you are forced to pay for the service.


Re-guarding UPS Mail Innovations…

I ordered last week a set of Wyze Cams…they shipped via this method.
Been sitting at “Package transferred to destination UPS Mail Innovations facility” in the same state it shipped from (WA) for 4 days now.


Actually, that’s not true. The usps has been fully self-supporting since the 1970s. Do your homework before you start parroting nonsense next time.


It may be that there’s no direct taxpayer funding of day-to-day operations but to say the USPS is fully -self-supporting is a stretch:


How do you get Republic to actually send the package to USPS? I placed an order Thursday, and the email from Republic was sent to me Friday morning that it had shipped. The tracking number showed the shipping label was made just before 1AM Friday morning, but the status remains in “Pre-Shipment” ever since then. The status has never changed, and we’ve received USPS deliveries on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Republic hasn’t replied to the ticket I opened more than 24 hours ago, and I live about 45 minutes from the town the SIM card is said to ship from. I could just drive over and get it. There’s no good reason to wait this long.

Another thread said you can’t cancel a SIM card order because, get this, “Because orders are filled so quickly, it is not possible to cancel an order once it’s been placed.”

This is so uncharacteristic of my prior experiences with Republic that I just assumed that the card had shipped, but it just wasn’t scanned somehow, but was on it’s way. I can’t believe that now, but I can’t get a reply to the ticket I opened. Not sure what to do when no one on the Republic end will give an answer, and you supposedly can’t cancel the order. Any suggestions?


A order has shipped email means that the label was created, the item packed, and placed in the outgoing dock. It may take a day or two for it to actually get picked up and then get to the USPS receive center and them to go through and scan it. Then it goes to the local hub that distributes the packages for your area, regardless of how close you are to the actual shipping location. USPS Tracking system has been slow and laggy recently, so I would say give it a little more time.

Also, not all of the USPS mail services deliver on Sunday. Unless u chose faster shipping (Priority or Next Day) the standard is First Class Package Service, which is 3-5 business days to delivery, no matter where it ships from, but it may come sooner.


Problems can occur when RW’s partner fulfillment center doesn’t deliver or have the USPS shipments picked up in a timely manor. Once USPS gets the envelope it usually only takes 3 days to get 1st Class coast to coast. Good thing about USPS is they do work weekends. I’ve had items shipped on a Friday that arrived on a Monday.or Tuesday. USPS tracking of 1st Class can be sketchy.

Hopefully it will be in your delivery tomorrow…



Like you, I wondered if they only created the label. If that’s all they did, then why send me an email telling me it has shipped. If that’s their answer, then I’d prefer they refrain from sending me an email that it has “shipped” when they only created the label. Send me the email that it has shipped when it has actually shipped.

Words have meaning, and the email stated in the subject line: “Your order has shipped” – that’s the step beyond making the label. I still believe someone has lost it now or not followed through on it.

I still think I deserve the courtesy of a reply to the help ticket.