Good Phone?

So a while back, RW stated that they would have good/better/best options, and they followed through and did! There was the Moto E at $100, the Moto G starting around $199, and the Moto X starting around $299.

These were great options and met the need for Good, Better, Best and their affordability matched those levels. I think Republic realized that there was a certain market segment that wanted an Exceptional Tier, so they started catering to that segment with $300-$700 + phones being the norm, with only a small scattering of what would have previously slotted into the Better category - $179-$199.

I was hoping that the temporary discount on the Huawei Ascend was going to at least temporarily fill the need for the Good/Inexpensive phone slot, but alas, 30 minutes is more temporary than I anticipated.

So, RW, any plans to follow through on offering a Good Phone at a price around $100 again? I know there are some out there, and even a bring your own phone could potentially work, but would love to see the return of affordability in Republic Wireless, as I, for one, came to Republic Wireless for affordability. Offering an affordable (roughly $100) phone would only make sense for a company which claims to cater to people looking for an inexpensive alternative to the Big 4.

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I would put the Moto G4 Play in the good category (Republic does not sell it but allows it as a BYOD

$149 with no string from Motorola or $99 with lock screen adds from amazon (will need a BYOD SIM)

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