Goodbye, farewell and thank you!


I just cancelled my Republic Wireless service because they have limited coverage in my area. They work well with wi-fi access, but where we live there is often none. I started out with a Moto X and then upgraded to a Moto G4 Plus. The phone I have is not reliable, sometimes shutting down while I am using it even though it had plenty of battery charge. Republic Wireless does not have any phones available that are compatible with our area.

No complaints about RW, it is what it is. The one comment I have is that the survey they ask you to complete when you cancel, does not provide any comment box to explain in your own words why you are leaving.

Anyway, the responses I have received from the community have been very heplful.


Not sure if you are aware, for some time now RW sells the same factory unlocked phones that you can buy and use on other carriers. There are no “Republic Phones” save for the now discontinued Legacy phones which have custom ROM on them to only work on Republic and are locked to their CDMA network Partner and old Refund based plans.

R.W has 2 network partners, CDMA Sprint, and GSM Tmobile. With the exception of a few models, all the 3.0 phones can support use of either of these partners. So if one is lacking in service, the other is most often better for your area.

But I am just curious if you had contacted Republic or ever posted here to inquire about changing partner networks, it is as easy as requesting a new SIM card be sent to you.
If you don’t mind sharing your zip code, the folks here in community can confirm either partner coverage availability.

There are indeed areas where neither partners have sufficient coverage. In that case, the only option is to seek service from a provider that uses Verizon or ATT.


Zip Code is 54175.

I based the decision to change on the phones that RW offered. All of them said they were not compatible. I switched to Consumer Cellular.


Looking at coverage maps both CDMA partner {Sprint}and GSM partner {T-Mobile} are roaming and Republic would not be a good fit


I looked up Consumer Cellular and they use two GSM partners (AT&T and T-Mobile). Looks like they add taxes onto the monthly bill estimate too. If I get 2 lines of unlimited talk and text and 2gb data it is $45+ taxes, R.W. beats that, but they may let you share data which would be a plus. I am just hoping that Band 71 (600mhz) is going to solve our T-Mobile coverage issues in the near future.


I got their cheapest plan, 256 minutes and 256 MB. For as little as I use the phone that should be plenty. With the AARP discount, monthly payments are just a little more than RW’s nondata plan. As drm186 mentioned, RW is not a good fit.