Goodbye Republic, Hello Visible

The time has come to say goodbye to Republic. A company still charging for data isn’t competitive or growing along with their competitors. This is why I’m saying hello to Visible Wireless. Unlimited everything for $25 per month on their Party Pay plan. Yes please!

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Don’t get so excited yet. You may want to browse their sub on Reddit… The data is HIGHLY deprioritized and depending where you are, potentially unusable. In the area I live (Northern VA outside DC) their service is unusable. Speeds that max out at 0.02Mbps, making it impossible to even download an email. I know that @rolandh had the same issue in the part of southern FL where he is.

If you happen to be in an area where the Verizon network is underutilized and don’t travel, it might be great (assuming the outages, porting issues, and other problems of the “experimental” nature of their systems don’t bite you).

TL;DR: There’s a reason that their pricing is so attractive compared not just to Republic but the market in general, it’s because Verizon is using Visible as a way to experiment and that leads to a user experience that in many cases isn’t worth $0.25 much less $25.


Nope.! I’ve already had two family members move from Republic to Visible in my town and everything has been fantastic. It’s been about a year now. Call quality has improved for both of them and also better coverage in areas that were spotty with Republic. I’m good to go!

I started with Republic in 2014, when this company was in their infancy. I felt like I was a guinea pig in an experiment often times here as well, when they were growing and changing. So that part doesn’t bother me. Republic has stopped being competitive, imo. So I’m moving on…

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That’s great. Best of luck and be sure to keep an eye on Republic as who know how long Verizon will continue the Visible experiment and who knows that the new owners will decide to offer through Republic!

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I’ve waited for Republic to catch up and be competitive for several years now. I highly doubt they will offer an unlimited plan. They’ve got their loyalists who are willing to pay per GB, lol. No thanks. Moving onward and upward. Thank you, and best of luck to you as well. : )


Given the last time that DISH bought a company it was one of the first things they did, I wouldn’t be so sure.

There are plenty of folks who don’t need unlimited data, that doesn’t make them “loyalists”, it just makes them folks that don’t need unlimited data.


I’ve outgrown Republic. It’s that simple. I’m tired of having to buy more data most months. Yes, it works for folks who don’t use very much data, etc. Just not for me anymore. If Republic wanted to stay competitive, they would’ve already added an unlimited plan, this is the way the majority of cellular companies are heading.

The great thing is that this is a very competitive market. Having answered approaching 100,000 support inquiries for Republic I can tell you that there as many people that ask about getting SMALLER amounts of data (they’re upset 0.5GB was removed as a choice) as there are asking about unlimited, so there’s a niche for everyone. The Republic niche doesn’t work for you any more, and the good news is you’ve found someone that does. That doesn’t mean republic isn’t “competitive”. It isn’t competitive for your business but there are clear several hundred thousand people for whom it is.


Who is Republic competitive with? Consumer Cellular? Even they offer an unlimited data plan. Most larger companies do now. Why? Because that’s what “most” people want. And it’s 2021, it’s not like cellular service is brand new and pricey. Paying per GB is so 2008. This is why I’m saying Republic hasn’t evolved into being competitive with other cellular providers.


I don’t think anyone mistakes what your opinion is on this. I just ask that you leave room for 200,000+ Republic customers having a different opinion.

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How exactly am I not leaving room for the 200,000+ Republic customers? I gave my opinion about Republic not being competitive and growing stale in what they offer.

Can you please expand? I wasn’t aware that giving an opinion and reason as to why I’m leaving Republic causes others to not have room in their choices to remain with Republic.


A blanket declaration that Republic is no longer competitive might be seen by some as discounting the opinions of those for whom unlimited is unnecessary. :slightly_smiling_face:

At the end of the day, mobile phone service is all about location, location, location and what one wants from their mobile phone service. @louisdi is correct, in my part of South Florida Verizon’s network is overextended making the experience using it a poor one. Additionally, I have no use for unlimited. That said, I recognize others have other priorities. It’s the beauty of a competitive market. Each of us gets to choose what works for us.


Now I realize that some of y’all would argue with a fence post if given the opportunity. I simply stated my opinion and my experience from being a Republic customer for 7 years. An opinion isn’t a blanket statement. This thread has completely lost the plot.

Take care everyone. :v:


" Verizon is using Visible as a way to experiment …"

This would remind me of a company called… Republic Wireless.

Thanks for the tip Melissa. I’ll go check it out.

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I left for tello where I can get 1 gb for $10 a month. I think that is why she is saying it isn’t competitive. There are many offerings for much less now. Republic was great but stayed stagnant for those who wanted to pay less for smaller data allotments and for those who wanted unlimited. I am sure those staying were lazy like me and didnt want to change but now i have 2 phones for less than the price of 1.

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:slight_smile: I am still thankful for all the years they did save me money. Plus they have great support once you get pass the “community experts”. They also sent my second line a brand new high end phone one year, that was awesome!

"I left for tello "

Same network (TMobile) as Republic too, it looks like.

I’m a Defy-era Republic member, and I agree with the premise that R has not continued to innovate in regards the data plans. They were on the leading edge but no longer. I’m a “lazy” consumer who doesn’t like to change ( called “churn” I think, but the providers) but there’s more and more need for more data. I’ve got spotty coverage via TMobole in a lot of my area to boot, so I’m not losing fantastic connectivity either.

Besides, customer “churn” drives innovation in pricing and service in the industry.


Yeah I had no issues with Republic all of the years I was with them. I just outgrew them. I’m ready for more competitively priced plans. I was paying $20 for 1 GB on Republic and usually ended up adding data.

I feel it’s just common sense for someone using this much data to just go with an unlimited plan for $25 a month. -shrug-

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I agree 100%. I had great hopes for Republic. I felt like they were blazing a trail when I joined in 2014. But they stopped evolving.

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