Goodbye RW and Thanks

After 6 years with Republic Wireless, I must say goodbye. Thanks to your low prices in 2013, I finally jumped on cell phone bandwagon. I had resisted all the prior years because I couldn’t justify the over-priced services for reception that was less than stellar. But RW made it worth the jump. So I started with my first phone: Moto X 1st gen.

Since then I bought 4 more RW phones. A few years later, I put my son and then my new wife on to my plan. We learned to live with the occasional phone quirks. We endured unexpected poor reception that popped up often as we travel about North Carolina and the east coast. But we had a reasonable good phone plan.

Last year, I move my Nexus 6P to Google Fi to experiment with their system. While traveling the White Mountains of NH, I lost signal only in the remotest of areas, while my wife and her RW Moto E4+ had trouble even in the cities.

Last month, we finally closed my RW account when my wife changed to an iPhone 6 through Spectrum and their low pricing. Her reception is even better than mine.

Still, it has been an interesting 6 years as a member of the RW family. I had fun doing some beta testing for you. Tech Support has been good. RW community has always been helpful.

Unfortunately, now that a cell phone has become an integrated part of my life, quality cell service and price are even more important now. So I must say goodbye.

Thank you for all of your support,


I’ve left Republic today, but for a different reason: software requirements. I wanted to remove Google’s apps from my Moto X4, so I did… by installing LineageOS, which is for the most part just Android 9.0. If you try to run the Republic app on LineageOS without Google Play Services installed, you’ll get an error saying Android is out of date and you need to update it in order to activate. So instead, I went to Walmart and picked up a Straight Talk activation kit, since Tracfone doesn’t care what software you do or do not have on your phone… as long as it’s a working phone.

I started using Republic back in the early days with a Defy XT. Switched back and forth between Republic and Project Fi a couple times for one reason or another… but seeing as both providers are picky about the hardware/software you use, and one is run by Google, I don’t think I’ll be using either one for the foreseeable future.


Thanks for clarifying a connectivity issue. My husband and I travel to Virginia and have had trouble phoning one another using our Republic phones when in cities such as Staunton, Virginia and even periodically in our home town of San Diego, Ca! We’ve experienced some anxious moments because of this. I was hoping to somehow preconfigure our phones prior to our trip this year to Virginia, but it seems that it is a problem inherent to the system.
We’ll probably be moving on to another service as well.

RW is an good service when used locally and has saved us some money, so thanks for that,


Hi @nano.7az83u,

Depending upon which phones you’re using with Republic, Republic may have an alternate coverage option that would work better for you. May we know, the brands, models, and generations of the phones in question?

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Thanks for this information. I have been using RW for myself and my 2 sons for even longer and have also greatly enjoyed the low cost and mostly good service. I also have found since moving to my Moto G6 that my coverage is very spotty when I am not on WiFi and travelling around NC. With my work with a couple of non-profits where I need access to email and to PayPal Here apps to make sales, I am now finding that RW may no longer meet our needs. It does look like Google Fi may provide better coverage, and may be worth a small increase in monthly cost.

No problems here. Nexus 6p LineageOS based RR Pie Rom.

Have you explored usage with whatever other carrier partner you’re not currently using?

To moto rrd

Thx for posting – I’m seriously moving back to a store (or similar) purchased cell phone. I’m tired of people saying they can’t hear me when I call them or I call them back. Sometimes my calls have no problem. But since I don’t live in a metropolitan area, RW cell phone service cannot be relied on – even when I call neighbors. Have enjoyed RW since 2015, but will look at other options come Fall when I will need a cell phone with excellent, reliable service

You know that Republic’s phones run on the same networks as a “store purchased cell phone”? There are only 4 major networks in the US and Republic’s phones can use Sprint or T-Mobile, two of those 4.

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It sounds like you could benefit by creating your own discussion topic?
Bear in mind that a lot has changed since Republic Wireless was introduced, so to ensure you are taking the advantage of this service could you provide a bit more details?

  1. Which phone worked good for you?
    • Moto X1-2, Moto G1-3 and E1-2 all were Sprint only (CDMA)
  2. Which phone do you currently have?
  3. What is the Zip code of the area you live in?

Do you have Google Play Services installed?

Not personally, I currently have all 3 phones on RW. BUT, when I have no coverage and others with me are working fine, they are often on Verizon. I have also noticed lately that more often, I am finding people on Google Fi who have coverage when I do not (thus my thoughts about trying them). I also believe I had better coverage with my Moto G3 than I do now with my Moto G6. I do see that I am using a GSM SIM, so maybe I need to try CDMA? Any thoughts?

If your cellular service was better on Sprint (CDMA) it would be suggested that you check out

Yes, I would suggest that. Since the two primary carriers offered by Fi are Sprint and T-Mobile, and T-Mobile isn’t working well, then moving to Sprint (CDMA) should give you the same coverage those folks have.

Hijacking this thread to also say the same. I have been with RW since Fall 2016, prior to that I was on a Windows Phone with an awful AT&T prepaid plan. I wasn’t using my phone a lot before. I have only switched to RW because of a game that was trending, RW and a cheap phone was a good start to allow me to test drive and see how I’d like the game and also keep up with the phone trend without breaking my bank. Fast forward today, I’m still playing said game but my old phone is deteriorating and could not uphold the new updates on the game anymore. The lag and slowness of the game was giving me a lot more anxiety than it’s worth trying to hang onto it.

I loved RW service, I don’t have much issue with it and was comfortable with the cell services in the area I used it. Unfortunately, the phone is just not keeping up, and the plan I was on doesn’t seem to exist anymore for newer phones last I checked. I like supporting smaller businesses and wish I could continue. Thank you and hopefully some day I will come back again.

Wow…really? Somebody chose to use track phone over Republic?
My friend uses it and pays more, and constantly has trouble because texts no matter how few characters quickly depletes his minutes.
Last time we were at CVS we found out they no longer sell cards to add minutes.
I can understand not wanting google software, but
I’m pretty sure that person would have been better off just not using a smart phone or using an iPhone
I must say I do stay with replublic due to their customer service, but maybe they should bump up how many GB you get for the price…seems like apps and websites use more these days

They did this not too long ago when they moved to $5/GB for data, which remains very competitive in the pay-as-you-go space when compared to carriers like Google Fi ($10/GB), TracFone ($10), FreedomPop ($15), etc.

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@robertc.uojpw9 From Straight Talk, I currently get 3 GB of data at 4G (then it switches to 2G speed) for $34/mo. That’s only $4 more than I’d pay at Republic for that much data, and I get to use whatever phone or software I want, and I don’t get immediately cut off when I hit 3 GB. I’d say that’s a fair trade.

EDIT: Mint Mobile is a better deal. I switched to that when my month was ending.

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