Google and other email providers do not seem to be able to send messages to my phone via text

What phone do you have?
Moto E4

What plan are you on?
I pay separately for data, no refund.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
I did opt in for data

Issue Description

I used to get Google Voice messages automatically forwarded to my phone, but sometime last week, they stopped coming. I can’t receive emails (from anywhere) via either. The setting is enabled properly on my phone.

The last successful message was received from ###-###-2508 (a Google Voice proxy number for twitter) on Tuesday, March 24, 12:20 pm.

Thanks for your help

Hi @matthewv.hw5srf,

I’m sorry no one has replied to you.

I’m not sure from reading what you’ve written whether you’re describing two issues or one. What method were you using to have your Google Voice voicemail forwarded to your RW phone?

I’ve tested a couple of phones and can receive E-mail sent to mynumber @ Have you tested by sending from a Gmail account?

I have a pretty good theory of what happened.

I had recently switched from the Republic Anywhere app to Google Messages. On Tuesday I installed WebEx, and to make more space, I may have deleted Republic Anywhere in the process, since I was no longer using it.

(I was so happy that my transition to Google Messages was working so well since Republic Anywhere had been giving me lots of trouble and was no longer supported on my Mac.)

After a couple of days I realized that my Google Voice messages were not forwarding properly, nor were my emails — even though all of my settings were correct.

So I tried all sorts of things that only made things worse, and then finally Republic support came up with the bright idea to dial


to refresh my activation. (Seriously, I probably should have thought of that one — I’ve done it like 20 times by now for various reasons.)


Now everything works like a charm.

Note: I did also reinstall Republic Anywhere on my phone and updated Google Messages, but honestly I suspect all I really had to do was refresh my activation.

Second Note: If you reset your network settings, you will have to reprogram ALL of your WiFi networks, and if you reinstall Google Messages, you will have to rename ALL of your labeled group text conversations. Don’t put yourself through all of that unless you have tried everything else first.

I hope the story of my ordeal saves somebody else all the trouble I just went through.




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