(Google Android) Messages: Group Messages Sent Individually -- Here's the fix!


Is there anything useful in that “More settings” option?

Is that a Samsung phone? I’m thinking that may be the Samsung Messages app. I’m afraid that’s not an app our service supports (it’s not compatible with Republic Wireless) so I’m not familiar enough with it to answer your question.

Perhaps @louisdi knows?


Yes it’s a Samsung phone so it’s most likely the Samsung messaging app. No there isn’t anything useful in that more settings option unfortunately. Sorry to bother you. I didn’t know. I was forwarded this site from a friend.


Hi @jeffm.xnncca,

That’s definitely Samsung’s Messages app. It seems like you might be using your Samsung phone with a service provider other than Republic Wireless. If I’m right about that, please know folks are trying to help based on what works for Republic members. Republic likes to call customers members.

I believe the settings you’re looking for are as follows:

  1. Open Samsung’s Messages app
  2. Tap the three dots upper right
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap More settings
  5. Tap Multimedia messages
  6. Toggle Group conversation on

Again, the above presumes you’re not currently using Republic for mobile phone service. Might the friend who directed you here be a Republic member?


Hi @jeffm.xnncca,

No need to apologize, we’re happy to help. Please let us know if @rolandh’s suggestion gets group messaging working for you.


I think @rolandh gave me all the right steps to follow. I did everything he said and it’s still not working but the steps he gave me make sense. I think my problem is with my service provider. Group texting stopped working as soon as I switched providers so I will be phoning them today to get it sorted. Thank you guys. Your help has been great!


Good luck @jeffm.xnncca, I hope you enjoy that on-hold music! (Endured 30 minutes of it the last time I had to call them!)

Of course, there’s another solution… if that Samsung phone is compatible, you could bring it to Republic Wireless. :smile_cat:


Hahahah thanks. If I lived in the states I would. Unfortunately for me your service isn’t in Canada yet :sob: