Google Android Messages now has PC support


It seems Google has now made PC/web version of its texting app that can sync with each other.
I have to wonder how it compares to Republic Anywhere.

Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread

This requires your phone to be on to work. Republic Anywhere doesn’t need your phone to be on to Send/Receive messages.

Android messages for the web will be handy for those unable to install software on their work PC.


Interesting. That article does not say that you have to have you phone on though. It just mentions in the editor notes that it works on wifi or mobile data. But it makes sense that you would have to have phone on.

Republic does SMS differently than normal carriers. Since messages are stored on a R.W. server for routing to and from the users device, and not just routed via the carrier network to and from sender and destination, it makes it possible to use other clients to connect to the centralized R.W. server, not just the phone.


I can see this being useful. I’m going to try it out this out when messages gets the update as long as it’s compatible with RW.


I very much like Republic Anywhere but the major wireless carriers have their own equivalent solutions. Both AT&T and Verizon offer their own messaging clients and similar to Anywhere those apps allow for use of devices other than the phone. TMO has DIGITS. What is unique about Anywhere is Republic is able to provide this service to its members when generally other MVNOs cannot. That’s among the benefits of Republic’s blended service.


Republic Anywhere will also support calling in the future (hopefully soon) for us non beta folks.


I have been using Google Voice app that now has a beta feature for wifi calling.
It works quite well.
But of course, that uses your G.V number, not your R.W number.
Perfect use if you want a second number to give out and use seperatly.
I do so for when I sell things vis Craigslist or similar.
Also, I can install the G.V app on a unused no SIM phone and turn it into a VoIP wifi phone.
Once Anywhere gets public call ability, that will be really neat!


Auto-correct fail. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have a Republic Wireless Moto X Pure - and I’m still waiting on Google to ‘flip the switch’.
“Google’s rolling this out as a server-side update, meaning that it’s being expanded to more and more handsets” …but not mine, at least not yet.

Are there any other Moto X Pure users having better luck than I am?


Does this new version of Android Messages (v.3.3.044) not have the capability to send text messages from a PC on RW? I got the update and it said to select “Messages for web” in the app menu but that doesn’t show up on my RW Pixel 2. My wife has a Pixel 2 on Project Fi and just took the update and her phone does have “Messages for web” in the app’s menu. I’ve used Republic Anywhere in the past but switched to Android Messages several months ago as the RW app doesn’t allow you to delete messages.


It does, with the caveat that your phone must be turned on. Essentially Google has created a web interface to the text messaging app on your phone. If your phone is turned off or does not have service, or is damaged, or is stolen and reset, then you can’t use the web interface to access your messages. This makes it very different from the way Republic Anywhere operates.


It hasn’t shown up on my phone either. My son’s phone which is with a different carrier got messages for web enabled yesterday. Seems to work well.


I don’t think you understood my question. I’m saying my phone doesn’t provide me the option to set this up because the “Messages for web” option that you need to select in the menu doesn’t appear. Have you actually seen this PC capability in Android Messages in action on an RW phone? If so, how did you set it up?


Ah, sorry. Google is rolling it out slowly. One phone in my house has the option, the other 4 don’t yet. It’ll come.


And the one phone that does have the option is a RW phone?


It is a G4 on Republic (GSM activated)


Messages for web has shown up on my RW phone. Haven’t had the chance to test it out yet.


Still not on mine :frowning_face:


Looks like you’ll get the update today.


It showed up for me yesterday. I like it. It’s really nothing special, but it’s a nice-to-have feature.