Google Android Wear On Wifi


The latest version allows you to leave the phone at home, on wifi, and send/receive email, texts, and calls on your watch as long as your watch is on Wifi also. Doesn’t have to be the same Wifi.

My question is if I send a text from a watch will that show up on Republic’s Anywhere back on my phone and or computer?



I do not believe that this is possible at this time. My smartwatch (Moto 360 first gen) is not running the latest version to test it, but my understanding is the Anywhere app is currently not supported on Android Wear devices. I will have to power up my watch to confirm. It has been a couple of weeks since I have turned it on.


Hey Corey that would be great! So this means you can run Android wear 2 on your first gen 360 ?

Do you use the, what I call, remote wifi feature to leave the phone at home?


No, I can’t use Android Wear 2.0 on the Moto 360 1st gen, but it would be a reference point that I think is worth checking.


Corey, you mentioned it’s been a couple of weeks since you turned it on. If you don’t mind sharing, what causes you to wear or not wear it?

I’ve never had a smart watch and am very curious to how folks use them. My reason for wanting one is the phones are too big for me to carry in a pocket so I end up leaving it behind. I was hoping the watch would help?