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It seems that one must purchase a Pixel from either Google or a Google approved third party retailer in order for Google to give warranty coverage. However, I can’t find the approved list on the Google site. Other internet sources claim Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart. Can anyone point me to a definitive list?

Secondly. If Amazon is an approved retailer does that include their marketplace retailers? I found a Pixel 3xl but am spooked by the fact that it is sold and shipped by a one off retailer. Any advice?

When I click on the warranty information on that page I get “Sorry we couldn’t find that page.” Is it worth chancing it to save $10? If you find it worth pursuing, ask Amazon for the warranty information.

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Appreciate the feedback. Now going to buy I can’t be sure if it’s warranty coverage being backed by Google. However, I’m not trying to skimp over $10 though. It’s not for sale through Google. Did you find the 3xl at an approved retailer for less than $500?

I’m sorry, I was comparing it to the 3a XL (which I own, and is excellent). I skipped over the detail that listing was, in fact, for a 3 XL. I guess I would say be careful. That seller has an 85% positive rating, and some of the comments indicate that some of the phones sold were not represented correctly.

From the description:

  • Included Components: Quick Start Guide
  • Operating System: Chrome Os

What about the charger? The OS is Android, not Chrome Os.

So would anyone know what stores are in the list of Google approved third party retailers? Google convenient used the phrase in their warranty document but doesn’t hyperlink or document the actual retailers (as best I can tell).

I’ve never seen a list. B&H photo claimed to be a Google approved retailer when I submitted a question about it.

Hi @tamu_bu,

Of course, you might wish to verify with Google or the retailer, however, I’m reasonably certain Best Buy in addition to B&H Photo is a Google approved retailer. Like @cbwahlstrom, I verified with B&H Photo they were an approved retailer prior to purchasing my Pixel 4 XL there. I’ve done enough business with the good folks at B&H to be comfortable taking them at their word. As the Pixel 3 series though not the Pixel 3a series is a generation old, you may indeed have difficulty sourcing from a Google approved retailer.

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