Google apps issues on a Moto g7 running Android 9

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Issue Description

I have a moto G7 with Android 9 installed out of the box. I got in early February this year, and right away it had some issues with Google apps, specifically. I’d had some, but not all, of the same issues with a few of those apps on my previous phone: in the last couple months of the life of my Moto g4 Play with Android 7, on the same Republic plan.

In my Moto G7, in Google Photos, the side menu to the left will often be empty (blank, white), or the edit screen for a specific photo (with the filter, crop, etc. options) won’t load, or the photo description–reached by the 3 dots at top right when a single picture is opened (or sliding upward on a single opened picture)–is blank. I had the same issues in the last 2 months with Photos on my Moto G4 Play. From inside the Photos app, it rarely works to share photos, especially to other apps such as Moto/Google’s default texting app, “Messages.” It does, however, work the other way around: I can open another app, such as Messages or Facebook, and tap to attach a photo, and the phone will open the camera folder, or Photos itself, and allow the photo to be attached.

For as long as I’ve been using smartphones (Motos g2, then g4 plus, and now g7, all with Republic Talk & Text plans), I’ve had a terrible time storing Google Docs offline. When I am offline, I will go to open documents I’ve already tapped to “make available offline” and they rarely show up; instead I get a loading/waiting animation as if it’s searching for the document online. Is this a long-standing issue with Google Docs and Drive, and not particular to my experience?

Unlike my G4 Play in its last few months, I have problems with Google Contacts in my Moto G7. Contact pages and search results won’t show up (blank field where they should be showing up), or when I try to edit an existing contact, I’ll get a wait signal and a blank field. Sometimes searches won’t show some of the names that I know for a fact are in there (they show up later on when the app randomly works as intended). Occasionally the “add contact” button is missing entirely from the main page, and now, when I type a new number into the Google Phone app, it doesn’t show me the option to save the number into contacts.

I spend a lot of time away from an internet connection (I don’t have WiFi at home or any cellular data). I’ve also changed a lot of settings of the primary Google App to turn off permissions for things like voice commands. Could either of these factors be the problem? Do Google apps need frequent or constant web connection to work properly? This would be very frustrating when all I’m trying to do is manage the files that are already physically stored inside my phone. If near-constant web connection is required for Google apps to interconnect as intended, is that the case with Moto brand phones specifically, or every brand of Android phone (or Apple or Windows phones, for that matter)?

I want a phone that works smoothly offline. I hate e-waste, so I’d prefer to get this phone’s apps “repaired” rather than buy a different new phone. But I’d consider it for a model where the Google apps–or comparable native apps–are reliable and interoperate offline as well as any other time. Are there models that can do this, where I can still have the Google apps “running in the background” to back up my photos, contacts, etc, whenever I do get online?

Input about any of these questions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @steveb.flsjco,

I’m sorry no one has responded. There was a lot to digest in your post, and I’m afraid it may have overwhelmed folks.

As I was reading through your description, a few things came to mind. First, these are not issues we typically see mentioned. Combine that with the fact that you’ve seen many of the same issues on two phones (or perhaps 3) and it starts to sound like something unique about your phones’ configuration. This could be an app conflict, like a third-party app interfering with the normal operations of these Google functions, or a permissions setting.

So I wasn’t too surprised to see you write:

I think I’d start here. Pick one of the apps, photos perhaps, and dive into the permissions and try enabling all of them. If that seems to make a difference, try the same in the Docs apps that you want to be able to use offline.

That’s a start… let us know how it goes.


Hi @southpaw,

Yes, I have a lot of interconnected issues here, tough to know where to start! But the perfect starting point is input that this is not typical offline Android behavior. Thank you for your suggestion. I think I’ll try resetting Android/Google default settings re: permissions as comprehensively as I can manage and see if that helps.

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