Google Assistant not available


I have a MotoX, second generation. I get emails from Google telling me about all the things that I can do with Google Assistant. I have downloaded the app. When I try to use it I am told that it is not available on my device. I read “Learn More” and meet all the conditions. So what is going on?


I know it works on the Moto X (2nd gen). Are you connected to WiFi? It will not work where data is not available.


I am connected to WIFI and use my cell phone for data every day.


Are you invoking it with a long press on the Home button or by tapping on the microphone?


…or ‘swipe-up’ …?


I tap the Google Assistant app.


What happens if you tap on the microphone and say, for example, “Wake me up tomorrow at 7”


I just tried tapping the microphone and it answered me. Thank you.

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