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I have an Galaxy S9+ & have historically used the Google browser. I use on average only about 250MB of data per month over mobile, mostly I do Internet stuff over WIFI. But lately I’ve been using Google’s Chrome browser as it allows multiple tabs to be opened & other things I like about it. However, I’m now using about 6 times the amount of data than I use to but I haven’t change my habits any. And I usually close out the tabs after using them.

I checked the apps to see how much data is being used in each & sure enough the Chrome Browser is using the majority of it i.e. 80%. Does it keep running “stuff” in the background I don’t know about? My wife’s phone is doing a similar thing. In the past her WIFI would not always turn on & she’d blow through data quickly with some games she played thinking she was on WIFI. We fixed that a few months ago & lately she has been around 500MB per month. But for the last 2 months we are blowing our 1GB plan. She is also using the Chrome browser.

Any advice here?



The thought did cross my mind that with all the RW technical issues going on now maybe it’s something on their end that is causing this to happen i.e. not switching to WIFI when it should, etc.

I’m a bit confused, because Google’s browser is Chrome. So, not sure what you mean by “Google’s browser.”

You can force WiFi only by going into airplane mode, then reactivating WiFi.

Also, you can prevent the app from using cell data in the background via an app setting.

When I go into the Google apps folder I can select either the “Chrome browser” as in your image above or I can select what I am calling the “Google browser” which has the “G” emblem. Google has several browsers.

Ah, Google Search.

That’s the Google Search app design to look some up with out a need to open the full browser (is a link is press or an site address is entered it will open a limited browser tab [which will give an option in to menu to open in full browser as the limited tab has some more advanced features turn off]


This discussion got me thinking: Why am I running Ghostery in Firefox (browser) on my computers, but not running it in Firefox on my RW based phone (with only 1GB per month) ? I guess it didn’t occur to me that I could, but now it’s installed and running, and it will be interesting to see how much less data is consumed, or how many things I wish were displayed that aren’t. To be fair there are lots of websites (news oriented) that are “smart” and complain about not being able to flood me with ads/pictures, but I (usually) just surf elsewhere, and worst case Ghostery can be (easily) Paused for however long is needed to solve a given browsing problem.

Edit: If this post doesn’t seem Googley enough, I hope that the admin will split it off, because saving cell data is an old RW tradition worth discussing.

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My bad. Yes, I meant Google Search but I thought the “underlying” browser was a Chrome browser modified & had another name for running under the Android OS.

My background data settings were turned off for 80% of the apps but there were some system apps that did allow background data use in mobile mode. I turned all those off as well. But that would most likely have been the case previously when I was only using the Google Search to surf the web.

So the question remains…Is there something specific to Google Chrome on my Android OS that is consuming a lot of mobile data, whether it is in background mode or not? Or maybe when I started using Chrome it opened some apps/services & enabled the background mode use of mobile data that just using Google Search did not? I should know in a couple of weeks if turning off the access to those system apps/services lessens the amount of mobile data being consumed.

You can try “lite” mode. Turn it on in Chrome settings.

Thanks ceedee. I may try that if I continue to see more mobile data being consumed than I think should be…

You could also run a Chromium-based browser that does built in ad blocking. A not-insignificant portion of browsing data usage is loading ads.
Something like Brave or Kiwi.

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Hi @Mike1313,

I can assure you with complete confidence that the behavior you’ve described is not related to anything going on at Republic Wireless. Our WiFi to Cell, Cell to WiFi handovers are specific to calling. We have nothing to do with whether or not your phone uses cellular or WiFi data. That’s Android functionality and is entirely between your phone and your WiFi network.

I think this may be possible. Have you ever looked to see how many Chrome “tabs” are open?

This is so true, and how irritating when you just want to read a quick news story and there are a doze video clips loading throughout the page!

I usually just use the Google search app to browse on the phone. Only recently did I start using the Chrome browser as it works better for our NC State season ticket management. And I would usually close out any open tabs fairly quickly. I did turn off/restrict some system related apps from working in the background mode & had pretty much all my regular apps already off/restricted. It’s back to normal so far in this billing cycle.

And while I didn’t want to believe this, it did cross my mind that possibly this could be being done intentionally to force customers to buy extra data so as to generate extra revenue/profit. There are probably additional pressures being put on RW management by the new Dish management that wasn’t there before the acquisition.

I’ve recently started using & like the DuckDuckGo browser. Definitely a lot less ads, etc.

In my opinion, Google assistant voice search may have been behind some large usage spikes that I experienced last year. Others may disagree but if you use assistant you might cut it out of your routines for awhile to see if that helps

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