Google camera app for X4

Anyone tried this yet?

Hey @johnb.ghgq0k

I tried the link you posted but it didn’t load for me. It looks like a Google Search so feel free to reply back with what you are searching for.

As for an answer, based on what I could find out with a brief search, Google may have removed their own camera app from the play store. It may only be available for the Nexus and Pixel phones as of right now.

However, it may be able to work on other phones but you will have to load them on the phone manually. As for a reputable source, I personally trust the website APK Mirror run by the Android Police (blog) team.

Here is a link:


Thanks happywillow,
Sorry bout that.
You can find it in a YouTube search for : “Moto x4 Google camera mod”. Should be the first hit, and posted by Seedubya Tech.

I’m not that phone savvy so I’m hoping if this app actually works and is an improvement someone will pave the way and share their experience.

Ah! A modded version specifically for the Moto X4. I did find a few references from other websites talking about the version but I haven’t found a good link for it. It may work better than built in Moto Camera app (and the generic Google Camera app may not work directly). However, it is inherently riskier to download and install apps that other people have changed or from a possible untrustworthy site hosting it.


Hey I’m considering buying the X4; did this sketchy app install work for you guys?

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