Google Chrome and WebView not updating

Google Chrome and WebView not updating.

Moto G Power 2021 running Android 10

My Choice plan + 1GB

Google Chrome and WebView will not update through Google Play. I’ve followed posts on the web on how to fix this issue - but none of them has worked. I’ve uninstalled updates on both, cleared cache, stopped the apps, rebooted, etc. and they will not update. The update starts to load but never completes for both apps. Has anyone found a way around this for a Moto G Power 2021?

In my experience, problems like this seem to be largely unfixable by the end user. Eventually Motorola and/or Google come up with a fix that doesn’t get announced, and the problem just disappears. Is there a problem presented by these apps not updating other than the apps just not updating? If other apps are crashing as a result of this, you might review the following help article. Particularly the Additional Notes at the bottom of the article:

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Thanks for your feedback. I will read the article you sent. BTW - no other apps seem to be affected.

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