Google explores texting from your browser


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Republic Anywhere and the increasing competition
Republic Anywhere and the increasing competition

Wow, Google’s on the bleeding edge with this one. :clown_face:

Republic Anywhere does this today for members albeit with desktop apps rather than a web browser. Apple’s desktop Messages app on Macs also does this today when paired with an iPhone. On Android, MightyText and PushBullet are existing options.

Lastly, this from the linked article doesn’t excite me in terms of implementation:

To use it, you may have to scan a QR code on your PC or Mac, then pair your device each time you want to text.


and don’t forget the article states ‘may soon’ ™
So once again Republic Wireless leads and Google follows … maybe they just follow this forum? :rofl:


Maybe so. On the other hand, Google’s messaging strategy has always been, well, interesting in a confusing sort of way.


What a shame. That would rule out using it when your phone is lost, stolen or damaged.


I was remiss in not thanking @TheDoctor for bringing this to our attention, so will take this opportunity to correct that.

As for Google’s proposed implementation (presuming it gets implemented and as the article describes); it wouldn’t seem to be a winner.


Ah yes … but I found out this morning when I Flipped through Republic Wireless - the Community on my iPad, as it was posted there 7+hours ago by @louisdi


I still think RWA is cutting edge as of right now.
When will Google clone Relay by Republic Wireless: A smart walkie talkie that lets kids be kids. ?


Republic Wireless has been working on and improving the Republic Anywhere service. However the competition isn’t sitting around either.

According to updates the Android Messages app by Google, they are preparing to add web based texting to the feature set. Users will then be able to pair and sync to a web portal and send and receive SMS messages any computer. (Source: Android Police)

Republic Anywhere on the other hand currently supports texting only via a program you have to install on a computer (not via a web browser). However, on the plus side and maybe a bit unknown, Republic Anywhere works directly with the Republic’s servers bypassing the need for your phone to be on or connected. Plus, Republic is making headway on adding other features such as calling (in addition to texting) and being able to transfer calls between devices.

And since we’re on the topic, there are also the other add-on apps that can help you text such as AirDroid, MySMS, MightyText, Pushbullet, and others.

What your favorite and what kind of features would you like to see?

Edit: Darn Google explores texting from your browser got to it first. @southpaw, want to merge the topics?


I would like to see web based texting! That’s what I really want.


QR code based pairing works quite well with Whatsapp.

I do like RWA a lot …but I also strongly feel that they need to clean up some of the UI inadequacies
to make it more attractive for regular use.

As a hybrid tool… I would like RWA to add some dynamic decision making on how multimedia is shared…at least for RWA to RWA communication. When you know a good connection is available then you should be able to share photos and videos at higher resolution…or even allow the ability to do so at a later time whenever a good WiFi connection becomes available. This would jive with RW’s WiFi first push to keep costs low while still delivering a higher quality MMS experience through RWA.


An option to intentionally delay sending a MMS until the system can handle photos’ resolution? Can of worms?



Aren’t we leaning towards a discussion on RCS (Rich Communications Services)?
(something that Republic mentioned about this time last year)


I was on Project Fi for a couple of years and you have the option in that plan to do data-only SMS/MMS. This makes your text messaging totally seamless with Google Hangouts. I could text from a Gmail window, in the little hangouts widget.

Importantly it also allows you to turn your phone off and still text to any phone.

It also means that using third party software to ensure your SMS/MMS are backed up between phones (or between ROMs for those of us who flash/root our phones) is unnecessary, for as soon as one authenticates with Hangouts it just pulls in the message history automatically.

Even though Google’s messaging offerings resemble a dumpster fire (Android Messages, Duo, Allo, Hangouts, Talk), this implementation in Project Fi is genius. It is the only thing I really, really miss from Fi. At work, I can’t have my phone with me, and I also can’t install stuff on my PC, so Hangouts let me keep up with texts through a browser.

I played with MightyText, Pushbullet and some others; Pushbullet antagonized their userbase by suddenly putting some basic functionality behind a paywall, and both of them just felt duct-tapey and experimental - they both require your phone to be turned on and I don’t like the security compromises that must be made to use them.