Google Extends Its' Pixel 4 XL Warranty for Power Related Issues

This past week I discovered my Pixel 4 XL’s battery was swelling. A swollen battery is not something one should wait on to address as malfunctioning lithium ion batteries have been known to be potential fire hazards.

My Pixel 4 XL’s warranty expired in December 2020, however, there’s good news as Google has extended the warranty for an additional year for certain power related issues. Details from Google are linked here: 1-year extended repair program for Pixel 4 XL - Pixel Phone Help.

I chose to have uBreakiFix repair my Pixel 4 X locally. uBreakiFix is authorized by Google for repairs and Google picked up the expense. Repairs were completed in less than 2 hours. Looking at the phone, one would never know it had been repaired!

Please note whether one chooses to send the phone to Google for repair or replacement or chooses the potentially local option of uBreakiFix, Google requires that one remove all Google accounts from their phone then factory reset it. You’ll want to have backed up your phone first.


This happened to my Pixel 4xl as well. I had a case on the phone so I did not notice the battery swelling. The symptom that revealed the problem was that the wireless charger would no longer charge the battery.

I do hope that the new battery doesn’t do the same thing in a few months.

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