Google I/O 2018

Now that we’re almost a month removed from the 2018 edition of Google’s annual developer conference, I wanted to post some of my thoughts & experiences from Mountain View.

I had the pleasure of representing Republic Wireless at this year’s event. First, I have to commend Google for how organized the entire check-in and venue entrance processes run. You would think having 7,000 people attending a conference in a relatively small venue with only 2 entrances would be rough. In reality, check-in took me less than 5 minutes the afternoon before the Keynote. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Google I/O, I would strongly recommend going to check-in as early as possible; your section assignment for the Keynote is done on a first-come, first-served basis - if you’re too late, you get stuck with lawn seating. Fortunately, I was assigned section 202, which is right in the middle of the amphitheater.

The first morning was a bunch of “hurry up and wait” before the Keynote. Even though you’re assigned a section, you’re not assigned an actual seat in the section - so I needed to get there early to have my pick of seats. I’d say I ended up with a pretty nice spot!


We got to see some amazing things during the Keynote, with the most controversial piece being Duplex. If you haven’t heard about it, check it out here.

How do you feel about AI becoming this refined?

The rest of the event centered around the various aspects of Google’s services & how developers can best utilize those services. Events included everything from Chrome, Android, Machine Learning & AI, Accessibility, AR/VR, etc. Of course, the biggest focus was on machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT). Google even provided all attendees with an Android Things Starter Kit.

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing after-hours entertainment, which included a concert with Phantogram and Justice.

It was an amazing experience being surrounded by so many people who are so passionate about what they do. It was also great being able to see where the future of technology is taking us.

One of my favorite moments was getting to test a smart mirror that was setup in the Google Pay tent. You could take a shirt into the dressing room, scan the barcode on the shirt, then stand in front of the mirror and it would use augmented reality to superimpose the shirt onto you. You could even scroll through different colors/styles of the same shirt to see which one would look better on you. Then you were able to make your selections & checkout - all right in the dressing room using Google Pay! For someone like me that hates trying on clothes, it will make my life so much easier when/if stores adopt the technology.

How about you? What new (or newly refined) technology are you most looking forward to helping you in your day-to-day life?


Phones that can microwave food. :grinning:


I’ve always wanted to go to I/O. Sounds like a awesome experience! Did they mention anything about their controversial feature that sets appointments for you (the name eludes me at the moment)?

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The name is Duplex.


Wow. Time flies by so fast in the summer. I watched a couple of the demonstrations on a YouTube channel (a few weeks back) and I knew it was from I/O, but for some reason, it didn’t register with me when I wrote that. It seems like so long ago already…


It is definitely an experience. If given the opportunity, I’d gladly go again!

There was a collective gasp throughout the amphitheater when they showed the Duplex demo. I’m still not sure if the gasp was because we were in awe or if it was because we were seeing the beginning of AI taking over the world. :joy:

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