Google Instant apps

I forgot to charge my phone last night and it died. After a quick charge and reboot I noticed an app called Instant apps was downloading and installing.

I had never heard of it but after googling it I read up on this.

Just wondering if anyone else is using it and what your thoughts are?.

Android Instant Apps

I did see that help page. I enabled Instant Apps on my device, but there aren’t any available on my phone.

From what I have read, devices running Instant Apps seem to be on Nougat. I wonder, just maybe, is it possible, this is a precursor to updating my MXP to Nougat?


I don’t know. I have Nougat on my Nexus 6. I’ve never enabled Google Instant Apps.

Me either I have not used the instant app from google. An my Nexus 5x
is on 7.1.2 load May get the 8.0.1 load in aug it is almost ready to launch
and that will be the last up date or load for the nexus phones
End of shelf life.

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