Google is abandoning desserts!

It appears it is official, Android Q will be called Android 10. ( Other than the fact that they’re jumping on the 10 bandwagon (along with OS X and Windows 10, etc) what does everyone think?

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I’m definitely sad about it, having followed Android since their Beta days. But I think it logically makes sense from a business perspective. Especially with Android being a global brand.
Nonetheless, I’ll miss the guessing game every year trying to figure out what sweet treat they are going to use. :disappointed:


I’ll miss the fun names (and the contests).

I do understand that many of the names didn’t translate well into other languages/cultures.

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I think this is an important step that will allow the majority of users the ability to do feature/function comparisons when reviewing new connected devices.

  • WiFi recently did the same, so we don’t have to know that 802.11ax is WiFi6 and 802.11a really came about after 802.11b (and includes both 2.4 & 5Ghz)
  • Now if the Cell industry could ever agree on what each of their G’s really mean :slight_smile:
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Ha! The day this happens is the day the world ends. :joy:

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