Google locked charge on phone return

I returned a phone within the 14 days and I am being charge for google locked on a phone charge and i don’t know why that is. I did as the return policy said to the T.

Hi @steved.dskdcd -

Usually this means that the phone was factory reset through the recovery menu instead of through the Settings app on the phone, thus the phone is locked to the Google account that was used on the phone because of Google’s Factory Reset Protection feature.

Do you recall how you reset the phone prior to returning it?

Per RW instructions that are provided when i put in for the return.

I have returned a phone before to RW before with the same procedure without a problem.

This is the procedure i used:

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Hi @steved.dskdcd,

I think what @richard.p was hoping to determine was which of the Factory Reset options did you use? There are two listed in the “Factory Reset” link:

Do you remember which steps you followed?

The process that is in RW return page.

This process:

Hi @steved.dskdcd,

Yes, that’s the same article I found and linked based on the instructions you pasted. When you look at that article there is a link for “Factory Reset” which has two different sets of instructions.

We were trying to determine which set of “Factory Reset” instructions you used.

But don’t worry about answering that question. The article you’ve pointed out needs further clarification that only one of the methods is acceptable in order to remove the lock.

I see you’ve opened a ticket with our support team, which is the best way to have this matter further investigated. One of our support agents will be in touch with you shortly.

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I used the factory rest through the setting.

The one im looking at only has one option, step 2. i didnt click on the Factory reset button. Just used the reset in the setting.

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Thank you, @steved.dskdcd,

I’ve updated your ticket with some additional notes about your experience and an agent is looking into the matter now. I’ve removed the instructions you’ve pasted into the above post, because they are in the article we both linked and that article needs to be improved. However, if the article is improved, your pasted copy here would never be updated, and people might find it and continue to rely on it, thus repeating your experience.

By linking instead of pasting, we make sure that other members always see the must up-to-date instructions, to avoid confusion.

Rest assured, I have documented the exact instructions you followed in your ticket so that our team is aware.

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Thank you, this is very frustrating when you follow the instructions to the word. It would help if the instructions showed everything instead of have to click on it. Thanks again.

Is there anything i can do to help?

Someone will be in touch with you in your ticket, and will work with you there. Since there may be account details involved, we’ll need to work in your support ticket to get this resolved.

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Thanks for all your help, i have to leave my internet connection for a bit but my wife will be monitoring.

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I’m glad you realize it may need some work. I found it rather confusing last year when returning a phone.


I had the exact same thing happen to me when I returned a phone a month ago. I followed directions to the letter and was still charged $135 fee. How do I request a refund now that this problem has come to light?

Hi @daler.4npuey,

I’m not sure what problem has come to light, but if you wish to dispute the charges, please open a support ticket so our support team can begin an investigation into the matter.

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