Google Maps Interruptions

Beginning several months ago the Republic app has been taking over the screen while driving using Google Maps. Maps still runs in the background and announces directions but a white Republic screen that reads Hello Internet covers the screen. When I close the screen it opens again almost immediately. It seems to want me to connect to my internet service provider (Spectrum) wi-fi but asks for a username and password each time. Not safe when zipping down the highway relying on Maps.

Hmmm… I’ve not encountered this, myself. My first thought is to reset the phone’s RW registration credentials. While connected to WiFi, open the dialer and key in *#*#8647#*#*. The numbers will disappear from the screen. Give the phone a few seconds to reach out to the RW servers for new credentials. Reboot the phone.

This has nothing to do with that… Here’s what you want to do. You want to open the Wifi settings on the phone and find the Spectrum wifi network which should be in your saved networks. It may be called “Cable Wifi” or “Spectrum” or something else, long press it and “forget” the network. This will prevent your phone from connecting to the network as you’re driving down the road.

If you use your internet provider to connect to their WiFi sites when away from home, or other WiFi sites that automatically reconnect you can use an app developed by a fellow member. It is Drive Fi, and turns Wi-Fi off when you are driving. My internet provider has many WiFi hotpots that I use, but do not want them to connect while driving.

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