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Visiting Europe next month, with my Moto G5 and 3.0 plan. Can I use Google maps there (via WiFi), then download areas/destination and navigate offline, the same as here in the US?

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You sure can!

WiFi will work the same in Europe as in the US! :grinning:


You’ll also be able to make/receive no cost calls/text to the US/Canada while on wifi there! It’s a great feature of Republic service when traveling abroad. My mom recently traveled around Italy/France and we talked regularly on her Republic phone with crystal clear calls and a $0 bill when she got home!


Welcome! I’ve done just that several times with RW. Have a great trip!

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Thanks Louis!
What third party phone app did you and your mother use to make these crystal clear phone calls?

Thanks SuperT!

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So long as your G5 is attached to WiFi with the Republic SIM resident, no third party app is required. You may use the phone the same as you would when attached to WiFi at home.

Some details here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

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@rolandh is correct. No app. Just called my number as if she was sitting in her living room.

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