Google Messages Chat: "Status: Connecting..."

What phone do you have? Moto g7

What plan are you on? My Choice

**Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?**1 GB Data

I activated the Chat features of my Google Messages app on my Moto g7 about a week ago. It’s worked fine until today. Today the Chat features are not working. If I go to settings it shows: “Settings > Chat feature > Status: Connecting… - Connection in progress.” But it’s not connecting. This is the case if I’m on wi-fi or on cell only. My wife’s moto g7 Play is also having the same problem today. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Chat features are a Google implementation. You might open the Google Play app to see if there are any updates waiting. Help regarding enabling Chat features can be found at:

There is also a Google forum for Google Messages at:


I have a Moto X4 and have had the same problem … chased it down to my usual poor CDMA (Sprint) connection that has always been hit or miss

There were no updates waiting. So I read up on the google support page you directed me to and the suggested solution - clear storage of the Carrier Services system app - worked. On both my phone and my wife’s. We’re both good now. Thanks!!!

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We have good GSM connection here, so that didn’t seem to be the problem. The solution to my Chat features connecting problem was suggested in the google support forum: clear the storage on the Carrier Services system app. When I did that, the chat feature connected. Same for my wife’s phone. Thanks for your feedback.

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