Google Messages on my Samsung does not work well

I have also had to switch to Google Messages with my Samsung, but it does not work well. I do not get all my texts. I am missing important messages from people.

Here is the latest for 3.0 phones … taken from SMS (Text Messaging) – Republic Help

For all 3.0 phones, you’ll need to ensure that Republic Anywhere or Android Messages is installed and set as the default messaging application. While other messaging applications may work, we can’t guarantee that they’ll work and we’ll only provide support for messaging using Republic Anywhere and Android Messages.

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I have the required messages that my phone told me i needed and i updated republic wireless app on my phone

I would consider switching to Republic Anywhere. It has the benefit of being able to access messages from your computer as well and I’ve found it to be more reliable: Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless


Because the hybrid WiFi/Cell nature of their service, they publish the recommendations based on design and testing to provide us the best service, using the facilities of the carrier and/or your WiFi.
It of course is your choice, but I wouldn’t expect Republic will be able to support any other than those they recommend.

I have republic anywhere now and it has been working great!


That’s great. Glad to hear that worked!


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