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What phone do you have? I have the Samsung A51

What plan are you on? My Choice Talk and Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? No data

Issue Description

I got this particular Samsung last fall and have had significant problems after no problems at all with a previous model. The problem I'm having now is the music player won't come back on after I get out of my company vehicle and shut the engine off - I have to pick up the phone and manually restart the player almost every single time (maybe one time in a shift it starts playing when I start the car up). This is a huge problem because I'm a courier and therefore stop and start all day. Oddly, it started with my work vehicle only, but now it's doing the same thing in my personal car too, so it's obviously this phone or the music player. I've checked settings of course, restarted the phone, added it to the car's Bluetooth multiple times. Never had any problems with my previous Moto playing in Bluetooth mode. Any ideas anyone? Thanks.

Samsungs are a world of difference from the Moto’s that most of us started with. They have many settings (often multi levels down and hard to find). There are some that must be changed so that the phone plays well with RW. I would suggest that you start with this tutorial that Ambassador@SuperT has authored.

Hi @Lise,

Could you let us know exactly which music player you’re using? I believe the Google Play Music app has been retired, and if you’re still using an old version of it, it’s possible an update to some other app it depends on has broken this functionality.

Are you using Android Auto, or just the Bluetooth connection alone?


Hi @Lise Are you still looking for assistance with this issue?

Yes, I am, thank you.

@Lise Did you see this request for more info?

We need more info to be able to help.

I don’t know anything about “Android Auto” so I assume just Bluetooth. I suppose it’s not the Google Play app technically - it’s the just the Music Player .

There are a lot of apps in the Google Play Store called “Music Player.”

Could you help us identify which one you’re using so we can look into the settings to see if resuming play is supposed to be a feature?

Sorry about that, I figured that, but didn’t know what its name is. It’s the orange one second from the left, top row. This is the one that I used on my last phone, a Motorola with zero issues. Thanks.

I am more than happy to have a recommendation of one that works better with Samsung phones, Republic, my PC and downloading from Amazon. Thanks again.

That developer seems very responsive, it might be worth reaching out to them at and seeing what information they might have to offer.

Okay, thanks for the help. :grinning:

Hi @Lisa,

Have you had any help from the developer? I’ve installed that music app on my Samsung phone and am using it whenever I need to go anywhere, but so far haven’t had any trouble with it failing to restart when I return to the car.

I haven’t had a chance to contact yet, Still having problems. I didn’t have problems with it on my Motorola either. This particular Samsung seems to have a number of bad quirks. I had to contact one of the techs here also about it not showing all my messages and texts.

I’m wrapped up for the next two weeks testing two Samsung phones we’re considering for our portfolio. (When testing, we have to use the phones as our own phone, total immersion!) If I can’t recreate the issue on either of those, I’ll activate a Samsung A51 as my own phone when this test period is over, to see if I get the same problem when using the same app on the same phone as you.

Maybe someone else with an A51 can give it a try before then?

I’m concerned to see that you’re having other issues. I gave my daughter a Samsung A51 because I liked it so much after testing it last year, and she hasn’t had any problems that I’m aware of. Have you taken all the steps in this topic?

Yes, that topic was linked to me some time ago when I first asked about the music player issue. I found it pretty basic as I’ve owned lots of cell phones and one other Samsung in particular. I’m not at all a newbie or technologically illiterate, so the problems have been surprising to me as well. I’d had the A51 for about 3 months or so before it quit giving me many of my messages and texts (there was no pattern to that either, in who the texts were from, where I was/they were, etc). One of your expert members fixed that for me, and I can’t remember exactly what I had to do. Then the music player problem just started about 6 weeks ago after working just fine since November when I first got the phone. I had really liked my Samsung S6 and only got rid of it when I joined Republic, so I thought after lots of my own research that this one would be a good cheaper option for me. Also, my cowoker has a Samsung, not sure which one, and she has had problems getting her messages lately too.

Sent an email to this address, so I’ll keep you apprised. Thanks again.

So, the developer just got back to me today and said they are aware of this problem and are hoping to fix it with a new version. I emailed back to find out when they think a new version is going to be available.

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