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I had the MotoX 1st gen and it knew when I was traveling in a car and would offer to read me any texts that it received. I have since upgraded to Galaxy S7 and really miss that feature. Anyone know of something similar or how to enable this on the S7?
(I’d love to get the Pixel on RW)

this is a feature of the Moto Assist Drive function (so only on Moto phones)

I’m not aware of a Google or Samsung solution for this (other than maybe android auto which requires a compatible radio) (there may be I just not aware of it)

there are third party apps to bring similar functionally Top 5 Apps to Help You Read Text Message Hands-Free

Thanks. I found and will try the free week trial of Agent Agent - do not disturb & more - Android Apps on Google Play It costs $3.99 but looks to be the best and it is under active development. I’ll check back in a week to post my review.

Any other suggestions keep them coming.


OK Google is already on your phone!

Ok Google, I shall command you everywhere

If you’re not using voice commands, you’re really missing out. The Galaxy S7 allows you to simply initiate voice commands by saying, “Ok Google,” and you can train it to only obey your voice. By default this command will only work on screens that have the Google widget, but with a few taps, you can enable these voice settings to work anywhere. Even the lock screen.

50+ Samsung Galaxy S7 Tips & Tricks | Phandroid

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I haven’t played with this yet but it might be what you are looking for. Go to Settings, Language % Input.

In there you will find:

To get the latest version of Samsung text-to-speech go here:

And then go here:

And find this:

Which needed to be updated when I went to it. Let me know if this does the job for you.

Edit: I couldn’t find this for the S7 but it might be helpful:

How to set up/enable/use Text to Speech on Samsung Galaxy S5 - Droidista

Maybe this?

About half-way down is this post.

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Default Re: Read Text Aloud & Replying Via Voice While Driving?

S-Voice will accomplish what you want. Long press the talk button on your BT device or touch the S-voice icon and say “read my text” when prompted by the double beep. Your text will be read over your BT speaker. You can then tap the reply button on screen and then speak to reply. I have used it quite a bit and it works just fine. It is the closest thing I have found to Siri in this regard.

This app seems to be preferred by Samsung users over the Samsung CarMode app:

Drivemode: Driving interface - Android Apps on Google Play

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